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  • Father’s Day 2017: From Amitabh to Deepika, how Bollywood celebs paid tribute to dads

    How did you celebrate Father’s Day yesterday? Well, our Bollywood biggies definitely had a good one with their loving father and kids. The entire day we saw many posts by a number of celebs ranging from Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan, Anushka Sharma, Alia Bhatt and many more wishing their dads and some shared images of their kids.

  • Father’s Day 2017: 15 quotes on dad that will make you give him huge hug

    Dad’s are every’s daughter’s first love and every son’s first hero. Dads are awesome. Every dad deserves a special award for staying strong with all the odds and the most importantly dealing with kids like us. The list of things a father does for us is long, very long. Our relationship with him is extremely special one, because we all aspire to be like him someday. They are own brave heroes who personify their

  • Father’s Day 2017: Give your dad a surprise personalised treat

    Many say it is just a day out of the 365 others, but to most it is still a special day to show appreciation of your first superhero. Preeja Aravind lists some ways to take your father for a personalised treat without him knowing it.

  • The Father’s Day Classes

    For long after our marriage, Shobha and I were not prepared to have another life alongside, dictating terms to us. We wanted to live our lives with zero accountability. While we made plans, God made his, and Anjali arrived in our lives. That’s when we realised that nothing calls for all of your immediate attention with more urgency than a baby. It makes you fully present – to all possibilities.

  • Father’s Day 2017: Meet the single-dads of Bollywood

    Though parenting is an amazing experience, single parenting has never been easy and that too being a celebrity dad adds to the challenge. But there are several dads in B-town who took the whole responsibility of raising their kids on their shoulder. And trust us they are nailing it. There are many celebrities in Bollywood who despite being single or divorced, are doting dads. And we are proud of them. On Father’s Day here’s

  • Father’s Day 2017: Aamir Khan and son Azad’s kite-flying video is a super dad moment

    Mumbai: Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan and son Azad have been captured flying kite from the terrace of Aamir’s house in Mumbai in a video posted by UNICEF. They wrote, “Thanks @aamir_khan for sharing a super dad moment. We’d love to see your super dad moment! Share using #BaapWaliBaat & #EarlyMomentsMatter.”

  • Father’s Day 2017: Here’s what Father’s Day means to these telly actors

    Father’s Day is celebrated worldwide to recognize the contribution that fathers make to the lives of their children. On the eve of father’s day TV celeb shares about their father’s contribution to their life and proof them to be their real-life superhero!

  • TV celebs express love for their daddy dearest on Father’s Day

    Mothers possess unconditional love and warmth and dads are invincible heroes. Like mothers, fathers have their share is raising their kids. They give us lot to be grateful for. Dad have instilled in us lessons for success and of being a good human-being. Despite their busy schedule they prioritize their kids and see to it that they fulfil their each and every wish. With Father’s Day around the corner we asked few TV celebrities

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