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    Dialogue with Guru

    Prudence and Equal mindedness
    Keep samabhava (equanimity) towards everyone, be samadarsi (perceiving everybody as equal), but remember, samavyavahara (maintaining equal behaviour with all) is never possible. Every living creature is the child of God and hence, God is present in each one of them. This entire universe is an extension of the self. Percieving the entire universe like our own self is called samabhava, but, due respect to a guru must always be paid. Though

  • Words of wisdom


  • Faith

    The first step we take as a small child is entirely based on faith. Man began to progress from the time he was dwelling in the caves to the modern era of computers just because of his faith in the observation of the world and in the laws that govern it. This faith in his own sense organs and intelligence has made him experiment with nature and discover her various secrets.

  • The True Meaning of Spirituality — Sri Aurobindo

    It must therefore be emphasised that spirituality is not a high intellectuality, not idealism, not an ethical turn of mind or moral purity and austerity, not religiosity or an ardent and exalted emotional fervour, not even a compound of all these excellent things; a mental belief, creed or faith, an emotional aspiration, a regulation of conduct according to a religious or ethical formula are not spiritual achievement and experience. These things are

  • Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

    FAITH — Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

    If you have complete faith, there are no questions. If you have no faith there is no point in asking any questions because how can there be any faith in the answer you receive?

  • Vatican reminds us of our inheritance

    What we need to remember is that in India, those who worship the gurus in the Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist traditions are basically following the same impulses that defined the canonisation of Mother Teresa by the Vatican. Yet, catch a secularist admitting that the impulses are common and that faith and religiosity continue to define India, as it has done for thousands of years.

  • FAITH— Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

    If you think your faith in God does God a favour, you are mistaken. Your faith in God or your guru does nothing for God or guru. Faith is your wealth.

  • FAITH — Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

    Faith is the subject of the head; devotion is the subject of the heart and meditation connects them both.

  • Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

    FAITH — Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

    False securities do not allow your faith to grow. Faith grows only when you have dropped your securities. False security is keeping faith where it does not belong. It is the illusion of security in having a job, a house, friends. Even if you have all the material securities, without faith, you will still reel in fear. When you buffer your life with securities, you keep faith away. Faith is your greatest

  • How to preserve and cherish our faith

    Faith is certainly a gift given to us by the Divine Grace. It is like a door suddenly opening upon an eternal truth, through which we can see it, almost touch it. As in everything else in the ascent of humanity, there is the necessity—especially at the beginning—of personal effort.

  • Rajyogi Brahmakumar Nikunj Ji

    Basics of Spirituality

    Faith and prayer are the vitamins of the soul; man cannot live in health without them.. Mahalia Jackson Prayer is something that we all do, ir-respective of who we are or where we are.

  • Use Words Only If You Must

    WHEN I was 21, I decided that I wanted to be a photographer. It wasn’t my first choice of career but it was the one career that I believed that I could succeed at. Beliefs are the overcrowded flea market creed-and-conviction mongers you have to wade through in order to get to FAITH.

  • Home Minister Rajnath Singh honours a brave mother of BSF martyr to paying tribute during the BSF Golden Jubilee Year celebrations in New Delhi on Wednesday. -PTI

    Do not let intolerance arise between communities: Rajnath

    New Delhi : Appealing against any “intolerance” arising between communities, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Wednesday disapproved of politics in the name of religion and said that nobody should be discriminated against on the basis of their faith, caste or creed.

  • After J&K, demand for liquor ban in UP

    Lucknow : After Jammu and Kashmir, a demand has been made in Uttar Pradesh for banning liquor, with a Muslim organisation saying there should be prohibition in the state which is a “land of faith for both Hindus and Muslims”.

  • Sikh wins right to join US army and keep articles of faith

    New York : A 20-year-old Sikh-American student has won a significant legal battle in the US with a court allowing him to enrol in an army programme without removing his articles of faith like the beard and turban.

  • Where is the cash?

    Imagine a situation where you can see money but cannot touch it. You cannot touch it because it’s simply not there. Mr. Mehra has this problem which he considers rather unique but the fact is otherwise. He is into business of supplying home furnishings. He would source unique materials and finished goods from around the country and the world. He is very quality conscious and wants to give his end customers the

  • Faith

    Faith is to believe what you do not see, the reward of which is that you see what you believe.