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  • Merkel expects May to ‘quickly’ define EU ties

    Berlin: German Chancellor Angela Merkel expects Britain’s new government to “quickly” define its relationship with the European Union after conservative Theresa May becomes prime minister today.

  • Brexit: Top UK varsities face problems with European partners

    London: Top British universities are facing difficulties while working with their European partners after the Brexit vote, with academics are being asked to pull out of leadership roles and leave EU-funded projects.

  • Obama meets Spanish King on symbolic but curtailed trip

    Madrid: Barack Obama met Spain’s King Felipe in Madrid on Sunday, during a symbolic but abbreviated first presidential trip to Spain in the wake of America’s latest spasm of violence. Obama is squeezing in a visit to a key NATO and EU partner before dashing home to deal with the aftermath of a wrenching shooting in Dallas.

  • European integration on pause, says Obama

    Washington: Britain’s decision to leave the EU has put the project of full European integration on pause, US President Barack Obama on Tuesday said.

  • EU ‘strong enough’ to survive Brexit: Merkel

    Berlin: German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that the EU could survive a Brexit and warned Britain the union would not tolerate “cherry-picking’ in upcoming negotiations on their future relations.

  • Rise in racist incidents linked to UK Brexit vote

    London: Over 100 incidents of racial abuse and hate crimes, including alleged racist graffiti and cards reading ‘no more Polish vermin’ posted outside a school, have been reported since the UK voted to leave the EU, it emerged on Monday. Scotland Yard was called in to inspect suspected racist graffiti found on the front entrance of the Polish Social and Cultural Association (POSK) in London on Sunday.

  • Scottish leader maytry to block ‘Brexit’

    London: Scotland’s Parliament could attempt to block Britain from leaving the European Union, the Scottish leader said today as the turmoil following the historic referendum spread and the leader of the opposition Labour Party faced an open revolt in his party, reports AP.

  • EU founding states call for quick divorce from Britain

    Berlin: The EU’s founding states said they want Britain to begin leaving the union “as soon as possible” as France urged a new British prime minister to take office quickly, reports AFP.

  • Iceland goes to pollsto elect new President

    Reykjavik: Iceland began voting in a presidential election today, two months after the Panama Papers scandal tainted part of the political elite, with newcomer Gudni Johannesson (in pic) seen clinching an easy victory. Polling stations opened at 0230 IST, with 245,000 Icelanders eligible to cast ballots. Polls were to close at 0315 IST, with the first results expected shortly afterwards.

  • Big blow to UK science: researchers

    London: Top British scientists, including one of Indian-origin, have reacted with dismay to the country’s decision to leave the European Union, which hands them nearly one billion pound a year for research, terming the result a “big blow” for hiring talented people.

  • IMF tells EU to ensure smooth transition

    Washington: The IMF today called on Britain and Europe to work together to ensure a “smooth transition” to a new economic relationship between them after British people voted to exit from the 28-nation bloc.

  • Trump hails Britons for wresting control

    London: Donald Trump today hailed Britain’s vote to exit the EU as a “great thing” shortly after arriving in Scotland on a business trip, his first foreign visit since becoming the presumptive Republican US presidential nominee.

  • EU referendum: Soros warns of Brexit threat to pound and jobs

    London: Warning that the pound would plunge “precipitously” if Britain votes to quit the EU, legendary investor George Soros today predicted that the possible impact this time would be “bigger” and “more disruptive” than the 15 % devaluation that occurred in 1992.

  • Exit from EU to cost us dear, says Camero

    London: Ahead of the June 23 referendum, Prime Minister David Cameron warned that if Britain chooses to leave the European Union it would be a “big mistake” and would lead to “debilitating uncertainty” that can last up to a decade.

  • Better for UKto stay in EU: IMF chief

    Vienna: Britain will benefit most by staying in the European Union (EU), the International Monetary Fund (IMF) chief said on Friday.

  • Indian federalism cited as anti-Brexit case

    London: India’s federal structure has been cited as an example in favour of maintaining the UK’s membership within the European Union (EU).

  • In Greece, Putin raps US for missile threat

    “We keep hearing that it’s not a threat against Russia, that it’s not aimed at Russia.” “Of course it’s a threat to us.

  • Indian students win awards at Intel fair

    New York: Several Indian as well as Indian-origin students have emerged victorious in Intel’s prestigious science and engineering fair, the world’s largest international pre-college science competition.