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  • Shares of TATA Motors slips amid Britain’s Brexit decision

    New Delhi: Shares of Tata Motors Wednesday slipped as much as three per cent in morning trade on bourses after the Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) issued a warning to the UK government of massive losses if Britain was to leave the European Union (EU). JLR CEO Ralf Speth, who was speaking at the Zero Emission Vehicle Summit in Birmingham, Tuesday said that fears of a so-called “no-deal” Brexit and lack of clarity

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    Harsh reality of Brexit finally sets in

    A few months after Britons voted to leave the European Union (EU), there was considerable apprehension across the UK. One of the major reasons for pervasive uneasiness was the post-Brexit vote ambiguity over the economic fallout of the disastrous referendum. By October 2016 when this writer visited London, the pound had slumped over 15 per cent and Britain had one quantitative easing stimulus to tide over economic uncertainty. The economy was not

  • EU says no ‘Guantanamo Bay for migrants’ outside bloc

    Brussels: The EU today said it was discussing plans with UN agencies to set up migrant processing centres in north African and other countries but insisted it would not create a “Guantanamo Bay for migrants”.

  • Europe’s populist tide sweeps Italy

    One of the reasons for decimation of centre-left and centre-right parties  is the resentment against the EU rule from Brussels, which makes it difficult for traditional parties to secure domestic support for policies that are generated within the context of the  EU and the euro single currency.

  • Europe, Iran to discuss nuclear deal Thursday: EU

    Brussels: The EU has called Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif to talks in Brussels on Thursday with his French, British and German counterparts in efforts to preserve the hard-fought deal to curb Tehran’s nuclear ambitions.

  • EU will ‘survive’ Brexit, remain strong: Federica Mogherini

    Havana, The European Union will “survive” Britain’s Brexit departure and will remain strong, the bloc’s foreign policy chief has said. “Many believed that the referendum in the United Kingdom (on leaving the EU) was going to be the beginning of the end of the European Union,” Federica Mogherini said during a two-day visit to Cuba.

  • EU defends Brexit deal

    Brussels  : The European Union (EU) said on Monday that last week’s Brexit agreement was a “deal between gentlemen” and not legally binding, but insisted that it had the full backing of the British government, reports the AFP.

  • EU expert warns against terrorists using killer virus

    London: Terrorist networks like the ISIS and Al Qaeda may soon begin instructing recruits on how to create killer viruses just like bomb-making lessons, a senior European Union (EU) security expert has warned.

  • Brexit threatens 10K finance jobs: Bank of England

    London : Some 10,000 UK financial services jobs could move abroad on the first day of Brexit, the Bank of England predicted on Wednesday after warnings of up to 75,000 relocations in total.

  • EU ministers approve new sanctions on N.Korea

    Luxembourg: The European Union mposed fresh sanctions on North Korea today as part of international efforts to punish the pariah regime for its nuclear and ballistic weapons programmes.

  • Macron gathers EU leaders in Paris for counter-terror talks

    Paris, France’s President on Monday welcomed the German chancellor and the Prime Ministers of Italy and Spain to Paris, where the leaders held a summit to examine further security measures that can be taken by the European Union to tackle the threat of terrorism.

  • EU, Britain possible to strike ‘fair deal’: Official

    Brussels, It’s possible for the European Union (EU) and Britain to strike a fair Brexit deal which is “far better than no deal”, an EU official said. “Both for the EU and the UK, a fair deal is possible, and far better than no deal, that is what I say to David today, that is why we will work all the time with the UK and never against the UK,” chief negotiator Michel Barnier said

  • Brexit is a punishment for UK: EU

    London : European Council President Donald Tusk has said the EU will not punish Britain, because Brexit is “punishment enough”, as he released a set of draft guidelines on Friday for the two-year Brexit negotiations.

  • UK House passes Brexit Bill

    London : Theresa May’s Brexit bill has cleared all hurdles in the Houses of Parliament, opening the way for the Prime Minister to trigger Article 50 by month-end.

  • Survey: UK hit by Brexit labour shortages from EU

    London : The UK is being hit by labour shortage from the European Union (EU) in the wake of the historic Brexit referendum last June, according to a new survey released on Monday.

  • Theresa faces public backlash over Brexit

    London : A clear majority of the British public oppose Theresa Mays uncompromising Brexit negotiating position and are not prepared for Britain to crash out of the EU if the Prime Minister cannot negotiate a reasonable exit deal, a new poll has found.