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  • Be calm and composed

    Aeons ago in ancient China lived an old farmer who had worked on his land for many years. He was blessed with a perspicacious mind. Abruptly, one day his horse ran away. Upon hearing the news, a motley group of neighbours came to commiserate with him. “Such misfortune, such ill luck,” the agitated group of villagers reacted. “Maybe,” nonchalantly replied the farmer. A few days later the horse returned, accompanied by three

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    Dialogue with Guru

    Prudence and Equal mindedness
    Keep samabhava (equanimity) towards everyone, be samadarsi (perceiving everybody as equal), but remember, samavyavahara (maintaining equal behaviour with all) is never possible. Every living creature is the child of God and hence, God is present in each one of them. This entire universe is an extension of the self. Percieving the entire universe like our own self is called samabhava, but, due respect to a guru must always be paid. Though

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    The Four Sublime States

    According to the Buddha, the mind has four sublime states. The four sublime states of mind that have been taught by the Buddha are Love or Loving-kindness; Compassion; Sympathetic Joy and Equanimity.