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  • Eco Render Plus – A Unique Plaster Without Cement, Sand, and Water

    The limited availability of riverbed sand and the ban on sand mining at various places because of excessive and illegal mining have significantly impacted the construction sector. Good quality sand is a must for plastering the interior and exterior surfaces of buildings. Water scarcity and labour crisis are further aggravating the situation. The construction sector is forced to use crushed rock sand, compromising on quality, to complete projects on time. This, in turn, gives

  • Mumbai, Mahim Nature Park, Mahim, Maharashtra Nature Park, MNP, Environment friendly, environment lovers

    Mumbai: Mahim Nature Park, safe for time being

    Mumbai: In what could be a great news for city and environment lovers, the Mahim or Maharashtra Nature Park (MNP) society meeting that was conducted today after 16 months might have concluded that the green lung is there to stay.  Sumit Mulick, who is ex officio president of Mahim (Maharashtra) Nature Park (MNP) Society, had convened a meeting of the board of governors of MNP on Thursday.

  • Indore: Cycling with friend for environment

    Indore: Cycling is the healthiest and environment friendly way to commute and for 19-year-old engineering students Dikshant Mahant and Avinash Seth, cycling has not only made them healthier, but also got them close. These two friends cycle for fun on a regular basis.