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  • A wrong priority of the educational institute

    A major controversy is brewing in the capital after the governing council of an old Delhi University college sought to change its name. Headed by a BJP member, the managing council recently decided to rename Dyal Singh Evening College as Vande Mataram Mahavidyalaya, the name of the morning college remains unchanged. Dyal Singh College was founded by a well-known philanthropist in Lahore, and named after him, before the Partition.

  • Rahul Gandhi’s elevation: Uneasy rests the crown

    It had to happen even though he preferred an extended apprenticeship. The timing of Rahul Gandhi’s elevation as the President of the country’s oldest political party comes on the eve of the assembly elections in Gujarat, the home state of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This leaves him barely 18 months for the next general elections in the first half of 2019. In between, there are assembly elections in no less than half-a-dozen

  • World Court: Election of Dalveer Bhandari another good chit for Modi

    The election of the Indian candidate Dalveer Bhandari to the prestigious International Court of Justice, popularly known as the World Court, comes as another shot in the arm for the Modi Government. In a bitterly fought completion for the lone vacancy in the ICJ, Justice Bhandari was locked in a bitter contest with Sir Christopher Greenwood of the United Kingdom. After eleven rounds of voting in the United Nations, seeing the writing

  • Manjhi and the idea of reservation

    Former Bihar chief minister Jitan Ram Manjhi’s suggestion that the benefits of reservation be limited to two generations of a single family deserves serious attention, given the opportunistic competition among communities for a slice of the quota pie – and among politicians to create vote banks through quotas. Affirmative action is no longer about social justice, but grabbing power and getting ahead at the cost of other communities.

  • Rahul Gandhi’s Elevation as President of Congress: Change only in nomenclature

    Since the Election Commission set the December 31 deadline for it to conclude its internal polls, the Congress high command – read the Gandhis – have finally bowed to the inevitable. The schedule announced on Monday, following a ritualistic meeting of the so-called Congress Working Committee, has set December 4 for filing of the nominations, December 5 for their scrutiny, December 11 for withdrawal of candidature, if any, and December 16 for

  • Why Brexit is shrouded in ambiguity?

    After five rounds of negotiations on Brexit between UK and European Union (EU), the process of Britain’s exit from EU remains entangled in ambiguity and chaos, both political and economic. Ideally, the negotiations should have moved to the second phase covering the transition period after UK exits EU in March 2019 and future trade relations between the two sides. Instead, the talks which began on June 19 – after the June 8

  • Modi and Shah vs. Sinha and Sinha

    As election time approaches, predictions and counter-predictions, allegations and their clarifications, claims and their counter claims fly high and free. Whether it makes any impact on the electorate and in turn the voting pattern is another matter of research. However, certain people and issues do crop up like mushroom before every election. Now that elections for Gujarat State Assembly are fast approaching, the air is becoming as dusty and often toxic as

  • Clean up housing sector with an iron hand

    Drive past any major road in Mumbai and it is impossible to miss the empty shells that stand where apartments, often of the luxury variety, were meant to come up long ago. The story is reflected across many cities of India. So, we did not need official figures to tell us that there is a crisis brewing in the sector. If there was still any doubt, the recent collapse in the National

  • Moody’s clean chit is a confidence booster

    The Moody’s Investors Service, a US-based credit ratings agency, last week upgraded India’s rating, from the lowest investment grade of Baa3 to Baa2 and changed the outlook from positive to stable. In practical terms, it can translate into cheaper credit for Indian companies and higher capital inflows as also a strong rupee (the last one is not a good thing for already sputtering exports). The spurt in the share markets on Friday

  • Takes grit to push radical reforms

    The Moody’s upgrade of India has, quite predictably, drawn sharply partisan responses. This is not surprising in view of the mini election season. The results, when they are finally announced on December 18, may not suggest a close fight. However, in the midst of an election campaign, all elections appear to be very bitterly contested, as they undoubtedly are, despite what the final outcome reveals.

  • In this file photograph shows Prime Minister Narendra Modi (R) greets Chinese President Xi Jinping during a meeting in New Delhi.

    A friendship between India and China does not suit the clever American cat

    India has participated in the newly formed “Indo-Pacific Region” constituting of Australia, India, Japan and the United States, but excluding China even though China is the dominant player in the Pacific region. The “Indo-Pacific Region” is being seen as an American effort to encircle China with Japan in the east and India in the south. India’s participation in the Indo-Pacific Region signals her joining the United States against China — which are

  • Legendary Mugabe loses grip over power in Zimbabwe

    The ‘Grand old man of African politics’ Robert Mugabe, who is 93, has finally been shown the door by Zimbabwe’s military, after he enjoyed untrammelled power for 37 long years, following the country’s independence in 1980. Mugabe’s last ditch battle to cling on to power till the elections next year and to then seek to foist his 52-year-old second wife Grace is most likely to come a-cropper.

  • Padmavati, Padmavati row, Padmavati makers justification, CBFC, Central Board of Film Certification, Padmavati certification, Sanjay Leela Bhansali

    Padmavati tangle sign of mobocracy

    It is reprehensible how ridiculous some campaigns run by fringe groups can get and how State governments can whip up passions on trivial issues to harness vote banks. The controversy generated on the yet-to-be-released film ‘Padmavati’ by Karni Sena and the shocking fallout from it in the shape of putting a price on the film director’s head and threatening to chop off the nose of a leading star of Hindi films Deepika

  • End threats and blackmail against Padmavati

    It is extraordinary that even before anyone knows what it depicts, Bollywood film Padmavati has become a hot topic of discussion. And for all the wrong reasons. If anyone ought to debate its contents minutely before passing it for commercial release, it is the Central Board of Film Certification. Sanjay Leela Bhansali, a top-notch director, cannot be unaware of the sensitivities and sensibilities of the protesters making noises against his film.

  • Corruption is what defines them all

    They might be having all sorts of problems enforcing a progressive, uniform tax throughout the country, but if there is one thing that has been embraced most gladly in all parts of the country, it is political corruption. Whatever be their ideological, personal, or other differences, the inordinate greed for money, licit, if possible, otherwise, illicit now defines the entire political class. Even a self-avowedly most progressive State in the country boasting

  • Will Periyar heirs team up with Hindutva?

    Tamil Nadu continues to flounder in the political confusion caused by Jayalalithaa’s death. As may have been expected in a one-person outfit which the AIADMK was in her time, the party is yet to find its feet. The situation has been made worse by the influence which Jayalalithaa’s companion, Sasikala, who is now in jail, continues to wield over the shaky organization via her nephew.

  • Jawaharlal Nehru

    Nehru’s idea of India gets a drubbing

    To Jawaharlal Nehru, India is an idea which has influenced the people who have lived here and who have come here from other countries and found a home here since the beginning of civilization. Through long ages, during which the world slowly emerged from darkness, the idea developed…clinging to its old foundations. In The Discovery of India, he wrote: “India is a cultural unity amidst diversity, a bundle of contradictions held together

  • Hardik Patel’s private conduct in public focus

    Without anyone saying it explicitly, there is no denying that the Opposition is throwing its all to try and upstage the BJP in the next month’s Gujarat poll. A setback for Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP President Amit Shah in their home State can boost the Opposition’s morale. And a major factor the Opposition might reckon to be in its favour is the fact that the BJP has wielded power