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    Vested interests hard to beat

    It is hard to fight entrenched vested interests wherever they may be. It is a public secret that various sporting bodies in the country have for long been the preserve of a small group of people who are reluctant to step aside to allow fresh blood to be inducted. Scan the list of office-bearers of various sporting organisations and you will find that the top honchos have been around for decades, some

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    A Marxist abandoned by his party

    For long, the voice of Opposition, Somnath Chatterjee, was the first Communist Speaker of the Lok Sabha and one who defied his party and refused to quit the post over the Indo-US nuclear deal in 2008, leading to his expulsion from the CPI-M. From championing the cause of the downtrodden as one of India’s finest parliamentarians and barristers, and settling effortlessly into the role of wooing investors to industry-dry West Bengal, Chatterjee

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    Will this session work?

    Another session of Parliament is set to begin today. Hopefully, it will not go the way of the previous session and function in an orderly manner. Though the chances of good sense prevailing do appear slim, we still hope that rival parties would refrain from turning Parliament into a laughing stock of the people — good only for shouting matches, defiance of the presiding officers, and very much precious little else. Twenty-five

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    Can a homemaker stereotype get any worse?

    Even today, a lot of advertisements, for instance, show boys getting clothes dirty and women doing the washing. Women, supposedly never go to the market or look at ads, because men tell them which washing powder or toilet cleaner to use. If she does not use a particular hair colour or cream, her husband will lose interest in her.

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    American people have to bear the cross

    Donald Trump is truly different — he evokes a lot of smirks and scowls but having been elected to such a high office, he is lord of his own destiny till such time as the US elects the next President. Strange are the ways of destiny. There had to be an American President to question and repudiate past international agreements like the climate deal of Paris and the US-Iran nuclear deal, agreements

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    Worthy end of a great show

    The 21st FIFA World Cup, the best and the brightest show of international football, ended in Moscow with the French emerging the worthy winners, though the sympathies of the fans everywhere were with Croatia who had a better game and a longer possession of the ball than their much-vaunted rivals.

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    Rising bitterness in politics

    The broad contours of what is going to be a long and bitter campaign before the parliamentary election next year are already in sight. Rival politicians have begun to prepare ground for the vital State elections before the crucial Lok Sabha poll next year. The Prime Minister’s itinerary now increasingly includes official events and public rallies in the States headed for the polls.

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    Harsh reality of Brexit finally sets in

    A few months after Britons voted to leave the European Union (EU), there was considerable apprehension across the UK. One of the major reasons for pervasive uneasiness was the post-Brexit vote ambiguity over the economic fallout of the disastrous referendum. By October 2016 when this writer visited London, the pound had slumped over 15 per cent and Britain had one quantitative easing stimulus to tide over economic uncertainty. The economy was not

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    Real fear of a global trade war

    Setting off fears of a global trade war, last Friday the US and China, the world’s largest and second largest economies, slapped on each other tit-for-tat import tariffs. To begin with, $34 billion worth of each other’s imports would attract punitive tariffs. Donald Trump, the US President, seemed undeterred by the retaliatory Chinese imposts, warning that at this rate he would target all of Chinese imports into the US. Weeks ago, Trump

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    AAP celebration has been short lived

    Delhi is one of the smallest states of the Indian Union, perhaps smaller than many small states like Haryana, Jharkhand, Uttaranchal or Chhattisgarh. However, this capital state keeps hitting national media headlines, perhaps because it happens to be the city that happens to be the seat of the Union Government, and secondly, because it is run by one of the most vocal politicians, Arvind Kejriwal. The founder-president of the ruling Aam Aadmi

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    CJI’s status as master of roster confirmed

    The Supreme Court’s ruling on Friday that the Chief Justice of India is the sole master of roster in allotment of cases to benches should remove any doubts in view of the campaign against Chief Justice Dipak Misra’s ‘unilateralism’ in assigning some sensitive cases to the second rung of judges. Constitutionally, that prerogative belongs to the CJI, it has now been made very clear by a two-judge bench comprising Justices A K

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    Kumaraswamy’s budget for farmer

    If there was hope that the Janata Dal (S)-Congress first budget in Karnataka would move to wipe off the five years of drift and kickstart the economy on a high-growth path, those expectations have been belied. There is little to suggest that Kumaraswamy’s budget is growth-oriented or designed to incentivise the software sector to deliver strongly in the country’s software capital. Instead, it is populism and giveaways at work to woo the

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    Education: Cosmetics is not enough

    The Union government has appointed a Committee, headed by K Kasturirangan, to work on a New Education Policy. The Committee is yet to submit its recommendations. Meanwhile, the government is contemplating to replace the six-decade old University Grants Commission (UGC) — a regulating authority that failed to check the rot in Higher Education. Prakash Javadekar, HRD Minister, intends to pilot the Higher Education Commission of India (Repeal of UGC Act) Bill in

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    Narasimha Rao, a forced reformer

    Shrouded in controversy in life, P V Narasimha Rao, prime minister of India from 1991 to 1996, again provoked controversy 14 years after his death when Narendra Modi upstaged Rahul Gandhi by honouring his memory on 28 June, the 97th anniversary of his birth.

  • Karnataka Assembly Election Results: BJP doesn’t win, Congress defeated

    Whether or not the Karnataka outcome is a win for Narendra Modi, it certainly is a defeat for Rahul Gandhi. While the backroom manoeuvring and manipulation continues for government-formation, it is amply clear that the newly-anointed Congress Chief is yet to establish a connect with the ordinary voter. All through the campaign, the outgoing Chief Minister Siddaramaiah helmed the Congress effort, though Rahul was accorded primacy because he was the party chief.


    Opposition unity alone can fend off BJP challenge

    The results of the Karnataka assembly elections have grim lessons for the opposition parties, especially the Congress Party led by Rahul Gandhi in determining strategy for the coming Lok Sabha elections in 2019. The BJP led by Narendra Modi-Amit Shah duo has recorded a massive victory devaluing the Congress in this important southern state. This victory will give BJP a major boost in its coming campaign in the assembly elections in the

  • Karnataka Assembly Elections: Narendra Modi magic is yet to diminish

    It is Modi’s success in catching the imagination of the younger generation with their belief in the economic reforms set in motion in 1991 which is behind the BJP’s continuing success stories. He has also been astute enough to modify his image of being pro-capitalist in the period just before the last general election and a few months afterwards into a person who cares for the poor.

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    BJP too needs to reorient itself

    While the Governor’s final decision to invite Kumaraswamy to form a government could take time, there would be no dearth of attempts to nullify efforts by the Congress and the JD(S) to come to power. The Karnataka assembly results have thrown up a mandate for the BJP with a sound beating for the Congress but with the latter pledging support to Janata Dal(S) leader H D Kumaraswamy to form a government with

  • Exit polls

    Karnataka: Making sense of the exit polls

    After weeks of political slugfest characterised by a highly aggressive campaign that turned into a street fight between the Congress and the BJP, Karnataka voted on May 12. The final turnout was a record 72.13 per cent, the highest since the 1952 state polls. On a counting day today, public attention will be focused on who forms the next government in Karnataka. In a three-party fight, there are three possibilities. One, the

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    BJP is inadequate, Narendra Modi is not

    Siddramaiah has tried very hard to give a distinctly Kannada flavour to the elections, even at the risk of being dubbed regionalist. He seems to have taken a leaf from Modi who, during his stint as Chief Minister of Gujarat, always made Gujarati pride an important sub-text of his campaigns in 2002 and 2007. There is also the example of Nitish Kumar’s successful 2015 campaign that posited Bihari versus Bahari.