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  • Russia, Pro Separatist

    Ukrainian military, Russian separatists accuse each other of shelling in Donetsk

    London: Ukrainian military and pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine have indulged in a blame game accusing each other of shelling in central areas of Donetsk. According to BBC, Ukraine said that the separatists themselves opened fire on the city while the latter claimed that one civilian died in the overnight attacks. Global observers have raised concern over “a serious increase in tension” in Donetsk. These were the first such attacks on central Donetsk since a

  • Vladimir Putin

    Vladimir Putin asks Ukraine to forego strategic town of Debaltseve

    London : Russian President Vladimir Putin has reportedly asked the Ukrainian government to allow its troops to stand down and surrender to rebels in the strategic town of Debaltseve. Putin also added that he hoped that the rebels would allow any captured government troops to go back to their families, reported the BBC.

  • Rebel chief Alexander wins eastern Ukraine poll

    Kiev : The independence-seeking insurgents in Lugansk and Donetsk regions in eastern Ukraine Monday announced the final results of  their contentious “presidential and parliamentary elections”.

  • Ukraine rebels to hold election, despite criticism

    Donetsk : Rebel-held territories in eastern Ukraine prepared on Saturday to elect legislators and executives in a vote that has been roundly condemned by the international community but backed by Russia, reports AP.

  • Civilian killed in Ukraine shelling despite truce

    Donetsk : One civilian was killed in shelling in the Ukrainian port city of Mariupol and large explosions were heard near the airport in Donetsk, raising fears that a cease-fire signed two days ago is on the verge of collapse, reports AP.