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    New Delhi : India figures nowhere in the political advertisements on Facebook and Instagram. A research showed that Donald Trump and Planned Parenthood are the top recent advertisers and young men were targeted most often in the political advertising on the two social media forums.

  • Donald Trump offers fresh defence of summit with Putin

    Washington: US President Donald Trump, a day after trying to do damage control, offered a fresh defence on Wednesday of his summit with Russian President Vladi­mir Putin, by saying that his widely panned news conference was appreciated by “many people at the higher ends of intelligence”.

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    American people have to bear the cross

    Donald Trump is truly different — he evokes a lot of smirks and scowls but having been elected to such a high office, he is lord of his own destiny till such time as the US elects the next President. Strange are the ways of destiny. There had to be an American President to question and repudiate past international agreements like the climate deal of Paris and the US-Iran nuclear deal, agreements

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    Trump-Putin Summit! US and Russian President pledge fresh start to their troubled relations

    Helsinki: President Trump stood next to President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia on Monday and publicly challenged the conclusion of his own intelligence agencies that Moscow interfered in the 2016 presidential election, wrapping up what he called a “deeply productive” summit meeting with an extraordinary show of support for a leader accused of attacking American democracy, reports the New York Times.

  • Trump, Putin meet deconstructed

    British behavioural expert reviews the body language of US President, Russian counterpart.

  • Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin open historic summit

    Helsinki: The US and Russian leaders opened an historic summit in Helsinki today, with Donald Trump promising an “extraordinary relationship” and Vladimir Putin saying it was high time to thrash out disputes around the world.

  • Donald Trump arrives in Russia, to hold summit with Vladimir Putin

    Helsinki: US President Donald Trump and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin will hold their first official summit here on Monday, in which the leaders are expected to address issues including Syria, Ukraine conflicts, nuclear disarmament and the alleged interference of Moscow in the 2016 American elections.

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    Helpless before this Trumpery

    The leader of the most powerful nation in the world seems bent on causing  upheaval, be it home or abroad. His early morning tweets, couched in poor English and awful grammar, often stun the world. His utterances are contemptuous of polite manners and settled diplomatic niceties. Behaving like a typical bull in the china shop, he offends the traditional allies of his country while issuing certificates of good conduct and friendship to

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    Donald Trump’s trade war to nowhere

    We are on the edge of a full-fledged trade war. The US has raised tariffs, China is hitting back and businesses are watching anxiously as tensions rise and uncertainty grips the market. Amid this muscle-flexing comes a story from a place in Missouri, USA, called Butler County, where Trump won almost 80 percent of the vote in the 2016 election.

  • US President Donald Trump arrives in Scotland amid protests

    Glasgow: US President Donald Trump has arrived in Scotland as thousands of people gathered to protest against his visit. The President and First Lady Melania Trump touched down at the Prestwick Airport at 10.10 p.m. on Friday after completing his two-day working trip to the UK, reports the BBC.

  • India defies US, to go ahead with Russia deal

    Our defence relation with Russia has endured several decades and we have conveyed about it to a US Congressional delegation which visited India recently , Nirmala Sitharaman, Defence Min.

  • Donald Trump apologises to Theresa May over ‘fake news’

    London: US President Donald Trump said he apologised to Prime Minister Theresa May today over his bombshell interview with a British tabloid, in which he claimed she had ignored his advice on Brexit and praised former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson’s potential as a possible premier.

  • North Korea officials skip meeting with US counterparts

    Washington: North Korean officials did not show up to a planned meeting with US officials at the demilitarized zone (DMZ), where they were expected to continue discussions on repatriating the remains of Americans killed during the Korean War. State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said on Thursday that the North Koreans postponed the meeting the day it was supposed to take place, reports CNN.

  • Police accept mistake in Stormy Daniels’s arrest

    Columbus (US):  Prosecutors have dropped charges against Stormy Daniels just hours after the porn star was arrested and accused of illegally rubbing undercover police officers’ faces against her bare breasts during a performance at an Ohio strip club.

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    The US is only helping China

    The Trump administration’s declaration of a trade war with China has implications for that country’s latest round of ambitious economic reforms as well as for global economic development generally. China refuses to be bullied by Trump’s imposition of $34 billion in tariffs and the threat to impose $500 billion more. China has swiftly retaliated with its own $34 billion in tariffs on US goods.

  • Former President Barack Obama voted best US President of recent years: Survey

    Washington: Forty-four per cent of Americans believe that former President Barack Obama did “the best job” of any president in their lifetime, according to a new survey. Obama, who served two terms, is the best or second-best president of their lifetime, Politico quoted the Pew Research Centre survey.