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  • Obama did nothing about Russian meddling, says Donald Trump

    Washington: US President Donald Trump today accused his predecessor Barack Obama of conspiring to start a probe into his 2016 presidential campaign to help Hillary Clinton with the presidency, describing it as “bigger than Watergate”.

  • US to impose tariffs on steel, aluminum imports: Donald Trump

    Washington: US President Donald Trump said here on Thursday that he would impose tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum products, in a move he said would protect US industry, but which experts said could hurt US producers and face legal challenges from trade partners.

  • Kushner’s access to top secrets withdrawn: Report

    The security clearance of 37-year-old Kushner, who is also Trump’s senior adviser, was downgraded after months of delays in completing his background check.

  • US President Donald Trump nomination for Nobel Peace Prize possibly a fake

    Oslo: Has Donald Trump really been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize? The Norwegian Nobel Institute said today it had filed a police report after receiving a seemingly fraudulent nomination for the US president. “We have good reason to believe that a nomination we received concerning Trump has been falsified,” Nobel Institute director Olav Njolstad told AFP. He refused to provide further details, saying it was for the police to give more information.

  • US President Donald Trump looking into ways to stop Russian meddling: White House

    Washington: President Donald Trump has been looking at ways to prevent Russian meddling into the internal affairs of the US, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said on Tuesday, adding the previous President Barack Obama was responsible for the meddling, if any, and not the Trump administration.

  • Donald Trump urges lawmakers to buck NRA every once in a while

    Washington: President Donald Trump declared he’s willing to take on the National Rifle Association over gun legislation, but Republicans who control Congress aren’t so sure. They prefer to consider only modest changes to firearms limits in response to the mass shooting at a Florida high school.

  • No term limit to Xi Jinping ‘up to China’: White House

    Washington: The US has indicated that President Donald Trump is not overly worried by China’s ruling Communist Party’s plan to abolish presidential term limits, a move that could allow President Xi Jinping to rule for life, saying it was up to China to decide “what is best” for the country.

  • Would’ve run into Florida school shooting even without weapon: US President Donald Trump

    Washington: US President Donald Trump today said he would have run into Florida school to save the  students from a gunman even without a weapon. “You know, I really believe — you don’t know until you test it — but I really believe I’d run in there, even if I didn’t had a weapon. I think most of the people in this room would have done that, too, because I know most

  • North Korea willing to hold talks with US, says South Korea

    Seoul: North Korea is willing to hold talks with the US, South Korea says. The announcement came after Gen. Kim Yong-chol, who headed North Korea’s delegation to the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics closing ceremony, met South Korean President Moon Jae-in before the closing ceremony of Olympics, BBC reported on Sunday.

  • US schools need ‘offensive capability’: Donald Trump

    Washington: President Donald Trump has reiterated the idea of arming teachers and sought offensive capabilities in schools to deter mass shootings. This comes after last week’s shooting at a high school that killed 17 people. The shooting sparked an intense push to restrict access to assault rifles fuelled by student activists who demanded concrete gun control measures.

  • US to shift its embassy to Jerusalem in May

    Washington: The United States will officially move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in Israel in May, the US State Department announced on Friday.

  • South Korea welcomes new US sanctions on North Korea

    Seoul: South Korea on Saturday welcomed fresh unilateral sanctions described as the heaviest ever adopted by the US against North Korea, and said the measures would contribute towards the common goal of the denuclearisation of Pyongyang in a peaceful manner.

  • Russia probe: Former Trump campaign aide Rick Gates pleads guilty

    Washington: Rick Gates, a former official in Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, has pleaded guilty to charges of federal conspiracy and false statements in the ongoing Trump-Russia probe led by special counsel Robert Muller.

  • Presidency ‘negative’ for our realty business: Trump Jr.

    Mumbai: American real estate magnate Donald John Trump Jr. has said his father’s presidency is definitely a “negative” for the family’s business, but the senior Trump will be back to the business post-presidency. Trump Organization has not signed any new projects in India since Donald Trump took over as the president of the US in January 2017. The company had announced last year that it would not enter into any new foreign