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  • Donald Trump

    Donald Trump leads in 2016 Republican field

    Washington: New York real estate mogul Donald Trump holds on the top position in the Republican presidential field by a wide margin and has won the party’s trust more than any other candidate, a CNN/ORC poll said.

  • Donald Trump

    Citizenship becomes issue in US presidential race

    Washington: The debate over birthright citizenship has been given a key role in the 2016 US presidential contest by Republican hopeful Donald Trump, who raised the issue in his radical immigration plan.

  • Trump sounds death knell to H 1B visas

    Washington: Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump has sounded death knell to the H-1B visas by proposing to raise the minimum wage for this most popular work visas for Indian technology professionals as he released his policy of putting American workers first.

  • Donald Trump wanted Princess Diana as ‘trophy wife’

    London: US presidential hopeful Donald Trump had pursued Princess Diana after her divorce from Prince Charles as he saw her as the ultimate trophy wife, a friend of the late Princess of Wales has claimed.

  • Donald Trump

    Donald Trump, Sanders upend US presidential race

    Washington: Teflon ‘Donald’, as ‘Donald Trump’ has come to be called, and self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders have upended the US presidential race with their surprise surge against establishment favourites in both Republican and Democratic parties.

  • Donald Trump

    Donald Trump and Fox News call a truce

    Washington: Controversial Republican presidential front runner Donald Trump and Fox News channel have struck an uneasy truce with an unapologetic real estate mogul sticking to his guns over his “offensive” criticism of a female channel host.

  • Donald Trump

    Republican presidential aspirant fires top political adviser

    Washington: Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump, who is facing flak for his “sexiest” remarks against a woman TV anchor, has fired his top political adviser who, however, insisted that he had quit himself due to the real-estate tycoon’s “trash-talking”.

  • Donald Trump

    Donald Trump says he can’t recall using insults, then attacks Kelly

    Washington: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has said he can’t recall using words such as “dog,” ”fat” and “disgusting” to insult women he believes have slighted him, but such language litters his Twitter feed and other public comments he’s made for years. The issue took centre stage at the first Republican debate of the 2016 campaign for president, when Fox News moderator Megyn Kelly asked Trump about his use of such language and whether it reflected the “temperament of a man

  • Barack Obama

    Republican president candidates slam Barack Obama on illegal immigration

    New York: Blaming President Barack Obama for messing up the immigration system in the US, Republican presidential candidates talked tough on illegal immigration, describing it as a “serious problem” with Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal  calling it “an invasion”. Business tycoon Donald Trump took credit for brining the issue of illegal immigration to the attention of the Americans and said a wall needs to be built to keep “illegals out”. “So, if it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t even be talking about illegal

  • Donald Trump

    Donald Trump chases ‘great American dream’ with 2016 presidential bid

    London : American business magnate, investor and politician Donald Trump has announced his presidential bid for the 2016 elections, promising to bring back the ‘American dream’ in a way that it will be “bigger and better and strong than ever before”. While addressing supporters at New York’s Trump Towers on Fifth Avenue, the Republican candidate promised that he will make the United States ‘great’ again, adding that his fortune will allow him to