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    Should Rahul’s visits abroad have a domestic agenda

    There is discernible desperation in Congress president Rahul Gandhi focussing on the domestic agenda during his forays abroad, particularly in Germany and England recently, whipping up a storm at home. The agenda for these visits is painstakingly prepared to catch the attention of the Indian diaspora and others as well as whipping up a frenzy at home.

  • Rahul Gandhi’s foreign visits have domestic agenda?

    Rahul Gandhi’s finely orchestrated sojourns in foreign countries have a domestic agenda. A well-provided advance team prepares the itinerary with the focus on the NRIs living in these countries. An agenda for the public event is fixed week in advance. Rahul is tutored by his backroom minders, some of whom accompany him on the visits. He is primed to say things which they believe would make headlines back home. But however much