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  • A first of its kind dog park in South Mumbai

    Mumbai: A dedicated park for pets will soon be a reality as the civic chief has decided to okay the proposal of a dog park. It will come up in south Mumbai’s Cuffe Parade. The proposed park in a garden will be the first in the city and will be maintained by the BMC.

  • Supreme Court refuses stay on culling of dogs in UP’s Sitapur

    New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Friday refused to pass any order to stay the alleged culling of stray dogs by authorities in Sitapur in Uttar Pradesh following deaths of over a dozen children in the past seven months. As the apex court was urged to step in and stop the culling of strays by the municipal body in Sitapur, a vacation bench of Justice Adarsh Kumar Goel and Justice Ashok Bhushan directed

  • Mumbai, Veterinary Hospital Data, Mumbai veterinary hospital data, Parel veterinary hospital, dogs, cats, birds, summer, mumbai heat, dehydration

    Mumbai Veterinary Hospital Data: 80 percent dogs, cats, birds falling sick due to scorching heat

    Mumbai: The sudden increase in temperature has not only affected humans but also animals. According to data provided by Parel’s veterinary hospital, more than 400 animals including dogs, cats and birds have been affected by dehydration and heat-stroke. A senior doctor said for the past two months there has been fluctuation in temperature which has led to more animals being admitted to the hospital this year for the treatment. “The number has

  • Bhopal: Municipality to open 4 centres for sterilisation of stray dogs

    Bhopal: Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) has only 45 men for catching around 2 lakh dogs in the state capital. This is the reason the civic body will now open as many as four centres for sterilisation of stray dogs. The decision comes amid ruckus in the council meet over rising population of stray dogs which are now posing threat to the commuters. The BMC will now call for tenders for the purpose.

  • Indore: Cuddle Corner: Learning love, selflessness and loyally from dogs

    Indore: Growing up in a cosy village, surrounded by nature instead of polished schools and city’s stressful life might seem naïve, but it definitely keeps humanity alive. Sheltering three dogs and curing them from tick infection, these brothers are following their childhood lessons to stay human.

  • Ujjain: A woman of substance–A saviour of animals

    Ujjain: Many a time wishes and desires take a backseat when one hears true calling. A voice from within nudges us constantly to bring forth a positive change. Not only does it usher in a transformative change in one’s own self but all around. An Ujjainite- Ritu Jagirdar, primarily a dog lover represents the true embodiment of love, passion and empathy for animals. She has devoted her life for her

  • Indore: Protect your pets from winter chills & keep them healthy

    Indore: With light rains and temperature has suddenly changed the city weather, it is time for taking extra precaution for dogs. While St Bernard, Akita, Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamute and similar other winter-bred dogs get healthier in low temperatures, other breeds like Great Dane and Labrador face difficulty during the cold condition.

  • Indore: Over 300 participants put their best paw forward at KCI dog show

    Indore: As many as 300 dogs of various breeds put a brilliant show, as they scorched the ramp at the Kennel Club of India’s dog show here on Sunday. Labradors, Golden Retrievers, Afghan Hounds, Beagles, Akita and German Shepherds were among the 50 breeds of dogs that had been led to the dog show by their owners from various parts of the country. For most of the breeders present, dog rearing was

  • Indore: Rare breeds to sashay down ramp at Kennel Club dog show

    Indore: We are all aware of glamorous models walking down the ramp in fashion shows. But, how would you feel appreciating the lovely cute dogs proving their mettle in a fashion show. To a pleasant surprise to the dog-loving citizens, the city unit of Kennel Club of India (KCI), Ahilyanagari Kennel Club is going to organise a national dog show in city on October 1.

  • Miranda Lambert help rescues dogs and other pets from ‘Hurricane Harvey’

    Los Angeles: Miranda Lambert has rescued around hundreds of dogs and other animals who have been stranded in Houston and surrounding regions due to the devastating ‘Hurricane Harvey.’ The country music superstar has mobilized her ‘MuttNation Foundation’ to ensure the safety of dogs, cats and other domestic pets displaced by the tropical storm that made landfall in Houston this week.

  • IIM-Indore students turn campus into dog-friendly vicinity

    Indore: Animal lovers and students of Indian Institute of Management Indore have turned their campus into a dog-friendly vicinity. They are taking care of all puppies and grown up dogs on the institute premises by joining hands with Animals Rights and Welfare NGO—Helping Hands For Animals (HHFA), Indore. IIM Indore’s 193 acre campus is not only witness to a wide range of plants and trees but is also full of

  • Mumbai: Dogs too can donate blood to save their breed

    Mumbai: Like humans, dogs too can donate blood which can be used in saving lives of the breed. According to the director of the city’s only veterinary hospital at Parel, the dog’s blood is used in the emergencies or surgeries of other dogs. Interestingly, once a dog donates blood, he can save as many as four dogs.

  • Reading to dogs may motivate kids to pick more books: study

    Boston:  Parents, take note! Reading aloud to dogs may encourage your child to read more books and develop a
    positive attitude towards academics, scientists say. “Our results suggest that reading to dogs in an academic setting has the potential to provide motivation, which will help inform future research into this animal-assisted intervention,” said Deborah Linder, research assistant professor at Tufts University in the US.

  • Furry detectives: Dogs can find food just like humans

    London : Dogs – known as the man’s best friend – are also capable of adopting human perspective to correctly interpret cues and find food that they cannot see themselves, research has revealed.

  • Dogs have kids-like social skills

    New York: Dogs and two-year-old children show similar patterns in social intelligence, much more than one of our closest relatives – chimpanzees, says a study. The researchers looked at how two-year-olds, dogs and chimpanzees performed on comparable tests designed to measure various types of cognition.

  • Indore: People for animals raises issue with district collector

    Indore: Taking the appeal of saving cows that are being eaten alive by dogs at Veterinary Hospital, Patthar Godam, Snehlataganj, a team of ‘People for Animals, Indore Unit’ raised the issue with Collector P Narahari after Dr Chandrakant Ratnawat tried to justify his stand by saying that the state government is not giving enough funds to provide facilities.

  • Dogs ignore bad advice from humans: study

    Washington : Dogs are less likely to follow bad advice from humans, according to a new study which found that, in contrast to kids, the canines only copy a person’s actions if they are absolutely necessary for solving the task at hand, says to PTI. “Children tend to copy all of a teacher’s actions, regardless of whether they are necessary or not,” said Laurie Santos, director of the Canine Cognition Centre at Yale

  • Study: Dogs ignore bad advice from humans

    Washington: Dogs are less likely to follow bad advice from humans, according to a new study which found that, in contrast to kids, the canines only copy a person’s actions if they are absolutely necessary for solving the task at hand.

  • china dogs

    Dogs, cats not best pets: study

    Washington: Attention pet lovers! scientists say sika deer is the best pet you can have, contrary to popular belief that dogs, cats and bunny rabbits make the most suitable pets, reports.

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