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    TB awareness: Doctors, chemists use Ganeshutsav as tool

    Mumbai: As the devoted throng Ganesh pandals for darshan in Ghatkopar and Kurla, doctors and pharmacists have decided to utilise this ‘divine’ opportunity to create awareness on tuberculosis (TB). In 2017-18 alone, TB cases in the city rose by 33%.

  • Bhopal: No Mental Health Review Board in state concern medicos

    Bhopal: No district in the state has Mental Health Review Board to look into the welfare and treatment plan of the mentally ill patients. As per Mental Healthcare Act 2017, mentally ailing person has to be brought before the board comprising three psychiatrists and a magistrate before the initiation of any medical treatment.

  • Bhopal: Budget allocation, lack of service, proper rules cripple health services

    Bhopal: Budgetary allocation of health department increased five times in the last 10 years but total allocation in the state’s budget has not exceeded 4 per cent of in MP. Not just this Rs 6278 crore out of the total budgetary allocation in the last 10 years of Rs 28,119 crore has not been utilized and it comes to be 24 per cent.

  • Have nutrients in right measure to stay fit in monsoon: Dieticians

    Indore: With monsoon rain playing hide and seek, weather is taking a toll on health of residents. They are approaching doctors with complaints of food poisoning, indigestion and other infection. Free Press talked to dieticians to know ways for maintaining health in monsoon, which is also a season of fasting. Excerpts

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    Mumbai: Medical council’s software will ensure they are up to speed

    Mumbai: Doctors across the state will be put to the test by the Maharashtra Medical Council (MMC)’s new software which will check whether the doctors are keeping abreast with advances in their respective field of specialisation. MMC officials said the software has been developed in association with the Government of Maharashtra and is called ‘Obnicurous’. It has face-recognition capacity along with an eye-tracker that can count every eye movement through the pupil.

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    Bombay High Court: Doctors put on pedestal, while patients suffer

    Mumbai: Taking note of the ‘negligence’ by medical practitioners, the Bombay High Court has said doctors have been put on a ‘pedestal’ while destitute patients suffer the most for lack of knowledge of medicine. The court ruled that prescribing medicines without diagnosis would amount to culpable homicide and accordingly turned down pleas filed by two doctors, accused of negligence, seeking pre-arrest relief.

  • Nalasopara Flooding: Doctors warn of rise in patients affected by water contamination

    Mumbai: Doctors have warned that there could be an alarming rise in the number of patients affected by vector-borne diseases in Nalasopara, where carcasses of rats, cat and dogs are rotting in the open. Water contamination can lead to diseases such as amoebiasis, diarrhoea, cholera, dengue and cause fungal infections.

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    Bombay High Court seeks data of medical students passing every year

    Mumbai: In an attempt to find out the reason for availability of lesser number of doctors serving tribal communities living in remote areas of Maharashtra, the Bombay High Court on Tuesday directed the state government to submit a data spelling out the exact number of students, who crack the medical exams each year.

  • Health Ministry slammed again: Poster on coping with depression has angered doctors

    Mental health professionals are upset with some of the suggestions shown in a poster of dealing with depression tweeted by the Ministry of Health on Tuesday. The poster also suggested people to go to walks, follow a routine, eat fruits, positive thinking, doing yoga and having multi vitamins for dealing with depression.

  •  World No Tobacco Day is formality for government, say experts

    Bhopal: Government treats World No Tobacco Day (WNTD) more like a formality or with symbolism like a festival,” said doctors and social activists in the city on the eve of World No Tobacco Day which falls on May 31. They told Free Press that MP has no government de-addiction centre and in the past five years, the number of tobacco users, especially children and youths, has increased.

  • Bhopal: Cancer patients to get free chemotherapy at district hospitals

    Bhopal: A Cancer chemotherapy unit at each district hospital across the state has been set up. This has been done under Cancer Care Programme. The patients of Cancer will get free chemotherapy at district hospitals. A doctor and two staff nurses have been trained for the unit. Every district has a cancer expert doctor and medicines.

  • Indians among 6,080 being denied skilled visas to UK in 2017

    London : Indian engineers, IT professionals, doctors and teachers are among 6,080 skilled workers holding a UK job offer who were denied visas to the UK since December 2017, according to a data released on Wednesday, indicating that Indians are likely to be the hardest hit by the country’s annual visa cap.

  • Improve India’s public health system with feedback

    Anita sits in the back of a crowded waiting room of a government hospital in Uttar Pradesh, her four-year-old son leaning weak and ill on her lap. He is suffering from diarrhoea, one of the leading killers of children in India. She had carried him to four village doctors before one finally persuaded her to take him to a hospital. Anita earns at most Rs 10 a day, yet she was willing

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    ‘Fake’ certificates row: MMC summons 53 doctors for questioning

    Mumbai: The Maharashtra Medical Council (MMC) has summoned 53 doctors for questioning, amid the allegations that they procured fake passing certificates for the additional degree courses of the College of Physicians and Surgeons (CPS), a top office-bearer of the MMC said on Wednesday. The MMC has already suspended 20 doctors from the same college, after their additional degree certificates were found to be fake, the office-bearer said.