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  • I have been appreciated at every turn: PM Narendra Modi

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi is easily one of the most articulate prime ministers the country has had.  In an exhaustive and exclusive interview to Times Now’s Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor, he has dwelt upon numerous issues which impinge on our daily lives and the destiny of India. We are carrying his verbatim quotes here, so that the reader does not have to take the trouble of trying to read between the lines.

  • Narendra Modi interview

    The Narendra Modi interview that will never happen. 10 questions I desperately want to ask the PM

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi is trending yet again, with the hashtag #ModionZee. During the ‘interview’ to a leading channel, Modi said that he sees himself as one more common man, who is giving his all for the country. Well, while that remains debatable, Modiji comparing himself to the everyday man, made we wonder whether he too has to do things that the common man

  • Budget could realise housing expectations

    The “Housing for All by 2022” mission has set the stage for a robust recovery in the residential property market. In the past two years, we have seen an unprecedented focus on reforms channelised through the Benami Transactions (Prohibition) Amendment Act 2016, demonetisation, Real Estate Regulatory Act (RERA) and the GST regime. So, this time, the Budget for FY2018-19 will be much more critical than ever. The provisions, if moved in positive

  • Rs 100 crore in demonetised currency seized from Kanpur

    Kanpur: The Uttar Pradesh Police on Wednesday seized demonetised currency notes estimated to be worth Rs 100 crore in Kanpur. However, the counting is on to ascertain the exact amount of money. The raid was conducted in Kanpur’s Seesamau pocket.

  • demonetisation

    6 lessons you can learn from Demonetisation

    On November 8, 2016, Indian Government scrapped 500 and 1000 rupees notes from the country to discourage culmination of black money in the country. Although this step was a revolutionary one, it financially impacted the Indian population to a large extent and taught some of the important lessons to all of us on how to properly take care of finances to meet emergency situations like Demonetization.

  • CRISIL pegs FY19 growth rate at 7.6%

    Mumbai : Attributing the continuing slowdown to the impacts of the demonetisation, the GST implementation and the weakness in agriculture, rating agency CRISIL has maintained its FY 2018-19 growth estimate at 7.6 per cent on the low base. “The pace of economic growth has slowed down this fiscal year, which is attributable mostly to the lingering impact of the demonetisation, transitory disruptions caused by the implementation of the goods and services tax

  • A year full of jaw-dropping surprises

    IN the past, Mahatma Gandhi had experimented with this  spirit of sacrifice and, now, Modi has tried it again.  The results were astonishing  and should serve to  rewrite the rules of the  political game.

  • Flashback 2017: The year that wasn’t for the hospitality business

    2017 started off with the aftermath of demonetisation which continued until March 2017. With no control or say in various regulatory or judiciary decisions taken, the hospitality sector slipped further down. Then there were jolts of GST, famed beef ban dikat and making eateries and restaurants across highways run dry. Customer dissatisfaction and lack of confidence on the hotel and restaurant business is also at its peak.

  • Deposits growth rate down in south India

    Mumbai : Even as demonetisation led to a spurt in household deposit growth rates across the country, the southern region has shown a dip in deposit growth for the fiscal year 2016-17, according to a report.

  • Nearly 13 per cent dip in number of Indians visiting US: expert

    Washington: The number of Indians travelling to the US dropped by nearly 13 per cent in the first six months of 2017 due to economic policies like the demonetisation and America’s inability to process visas faster, a tourism expert has said.

  • RBI should tell people about benefits of note ban: Venkaiah Naidu

    New Delhi: The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) should soon tell people about the benefits derived from demonetisation and the amount of black money deposited in the banks after the announcement was made to scrap high-value currency notes, Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu said today. He said the aim of demonetisation was to check corruption and get the entire money in circulation into the banking system, including the money

  • Savings-investment myth of demonetisation

    Going by the numbers, there seems to be lots to cheer post-demonetisation. Indian households, who hitherto would have spent all their waking hours thinking of how to add to their holdings of property, gold and silver jewellery, have now adopted the mantra of ‘less cash’. So, as latest data reveals, Indian households’ holdings of cash have turned negative and they have started saving more in the form of bank deposits, life insurance

  • For whom the roads toll, and for whom they don’t

    Collection of fees through electronic means was just about 5 percent of total toll collections in October-November 2016. This rose to about 11 percent by mid-December.

  • Management education in India must stay relevant to survive

    Management education in India is struggling very hard to survive with the rapid changing global scenario. The challenge before the schools is not just to teach them right but also prepare the students for the future, writes Vibha Singh