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    Education: Cosmetics is not enough

    The Union government has appointed a Committee, headed by K Kasturirangan, to work on a New Education Policy. The Committee is yet to submit its recommendations. Meanwhile, the government is contemplating to replace the six-decade old University Grants Commission (UGC) — a regulating authority that failed to check the rot in Higher Education. Prakash Javadekar, HRD Minister, intends to pilot the Higher Education Commission of India (Repeal of UGC Act) Bill in

  • Cosmetics may not be safe during pregnancy

    New York: Would-be-mothers please take note! Using personal care products such as soaps and lotions during pregnancy may lead to adverse reproductive effects in your newborns, warns a new study. The findings revealed a link between women who use cosmetics with higher levels of butyl paraben — commonly used preservative in cosmetics — to shorter gestational age at birth, decreased birth weight and increased odds of preterm birth.

  • Baidyanath forays into FMCG sector

    Mumbai: The Rs 800-crore Baidyanath Group is set to make a foray into FMCG segment with the launch of cosmetics and wellness range under ‘Mantra’ brand.

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    Avoid cosmetics during first trimester for a healthy baby

    Toronto: Expectant mothers in their first trimester should avoid certain cosmetics, cleaning agents and medicines, to protect the developing fetal brain from chemicals that can trigger autism, suggest health researchers from York University in Canada.

  • Illegal cosmetics factory sealed, owner arrested

    Indore : Annapurna Police raided a house and busted an illegally operated cosmetics manufacturing unit and arrested its owner on Wednesday. The police also seized raw materials and finished goods worth Rs 3 lakh from the premises.

  • Govind Shrikhande_shopperstop

    Shoppers Stop: Back To Retail Basics

    They are the people in the driver’s seat, steering the company on the growth path, motivating staff, managing shareholder expectations and playing brand ambassador. Govind Shrikhande, Customer Care Associate & Managing Director spearheads one of the largest department store chains in India, Shoppers Stop Ltd. Spelling out his vision for the company’s future plans, he shares some facts about the Indian retail market and the adoption of successful smart customer satisfaction measures in

  • sh Taneja and Rahul Dash A Beautiful Partnership in Beauty Products and Services

    Today, we meet Manish Taneja and Rahul Dash, co-founders of is a young and exuberant company, started two years ago, focussed on the personal care and grooming space in India. For the last two years they have been building a fantastic marketplace for beauty products and as well as services. Let’s find out more about their partnership, how they did it, their success mantras and the way ahead.