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  • Dialogue with Guru

    The power of conviction
    n We should at least have the requisite viveka (wisdom) not to be mislead by others. We must possess the requisite inner strength to counter pressures from others. We must have the self-confidence to prove our discoveries as authentic. We must have the courage to fight against injustice. We must be perseverant enough to stick to our chosen ideal path. Struggle not escapism; hard work and vigour and not

  • Relief for family after Bombay High Court quashes domestic violence case

    Mumbai: In a breather to four members of a family, the Bombay High Court recently quashed their conviction and sentence of three months’ imprisonment. The HC held that since the matter was amicably settled, keeping the criminal proceedings pending would only “over burden” the courts.

  • Jailed Indonesian firebrand cleric challenges conviction

    Cilacap: A jailed Indonesian firebrand cleric today challenged his conviction for funding a militant group in court, as a hundreds-strong crowd chanting “God is great” rallied in support of the Islamist preacher.

  • HC acquits man given life term for pregnant wife’s murder

    Mumbai : The Bombay High Court has set aside the conviction and life sentence imposed on a man for murdering his pregnant wife after observing that the prosecution has failed to prove its case and benefit of doubt has to be given to him.

  • HC says a rape victim’s reliable statement is enough proof

    Mumbai : The Bombay High Court has upheld the conviction of a 23-year-old man for raping a minor while observing that if the statement of a rape victim is trustworthy and reliable, further corroboration is not needed.

  • Ranveer Singh pushing the envelope one more time

    Ranveer Singh is known to be more than just a Bollywood superstar. He has often pushed boundaries and ventured into unchartered territories with utmost ease and complete conviction. As the brand ambassador for Ching’s Secret, he took on the avatar of ‘Ranveer Ching’ in a one-of-its-kind branded music video.

  • Court sets aside conviction of a man in molestation case

    New Delhi: A man, who was sentenced to one year in jail by a trial court for molesting a girl, has been freed by a sessions court here which said that “contradictions” in testimonies of witnesses had put in doubt the genuineness of allegations against hi. “Truth has been hidden behind dark clouds,” the court observed while saying the complainant and the investigating officer were silent regarding the manner in which the accused