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  • Mumbai Mania! Finding peace amidst the frenzy

    Mumbai – The City of Dreams. A city where the dreams are big, but the time is short. Doing justice to the title of ‘the city that never sleeps’, one can be certain that no matter what the time, the roads will be full, the horns will be honking and the people will be bustling. This charm of the city can be alluring at first, but can often lead to burnout to

  • Pavleen Gujral, grey character, Pavleen Gujral's next, web series, City of Dreams, Pammy, Pamela Jaiswal, Pan Nalin, Nagesh Kukunoor

    Pavleen Gujral is all set to play a grey character in her next

    It hasn’t been long that Pavleen Gujral impressed the masses and the critics alike with her fiery portrayal of Pamela ‘Pammy’ Jaiswal in Angry Indian Goddesses, directed by France – based Indian filmmaker Pan Nalin. It is a women-centric movie which has won many awards nationally and internationally.

  • Bombay High Court voices concern for rise in ‘missing’ cases

    Mumbai: Mumbai, the ‘city of dreams,’ houses more than 19 million people in its 603 sq km area. Lakhs of people from various parts of the nation come to Mumbai with dreams of getting a good job, a house to live in and most importantly a ‘good life’. The number keeps multiplying on a daily basis. The financial capital of the nation welcomes everyone with open arms.

  • priyanka chopra

    The insult that provoked Priyanka…

    As a newcomer starting out in the harsh City of Dreams, there’s much that a newbie has to experience – most of it hurtful, even insulting. Priyanka Chopra was no different. She recalls how a certain big producer once bluntly told her that girls in Bollywood are interchangeable. That affected her badly.

  • Delhi to be made city of dreams: Govt

    New Delhi: Eyeing the assembly polls later this year, Delhi Government today promised to make the national capital a “city of dreams” by ratcheting up efforts to meet aspirations of all section of the citizens.