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  • Elemental by Tim James: Review

    Title: Elemental
    Author: Tim James
    Publisher: Robinson
    Pages: 216; Price: 499

  • India probes dumping of chemical by 5 countries

    New Delhi: India has started investigations into alleged dumping of a chemical, used mainly in the paint industry, from China, European Union, Korea, Taiwan and Thailand following a complaint from a domestic industry.

  • Silk-based material programmed for pre-designed functions

    New York: Researchers have created a novel material out of silk protein that can be pre-programmed with biological, chemical, or optical functions, such as mechanical components that change colour with strain, deliver drugs, or respond to light, according to IANS.

  • Seven new substances added, no of carcinogens rises to 248

    Washington: Seven newly reviewed substances, including five viruses, chemical and a metallic element, have been linked to cancer risk in humans, bringing the total list of carcinogens to 248, according to a new report, says PTI.

  • ‘SMEs to play key role in export growth of chemical industry’

    Mumbai :  Small and medium enterprises are expected to play a vital role in the export growth of chemical industry, Union Commerce Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said here today. Addressing a function, she stressed the need to have a strategy to enhance export competitiveness of SMEs through capacity building, cheaper credit and better marketing.  On the occasion, Sitharaman presented CHEMEXCIL awards to the winners of export performance in various categories during the last four

  • New compound can reverse cataract

    New York : A team of scientists has identified a new chemical that can be used in eye drops to reverse cataracts which are a leading cause of blindness worldwide, reports IANS.

  • milky_way_nmsu_official

    One-third of Milky Way stars have changed orbits: Study

    New York: Nearly a third of the stars in our own galaxy have dramatically changed their obits, say scientists who have created  a new map of the Milky Way. “In our modern world, many people move far away from their birth places, sometimes halfway around the world,” said lead author of the study Michael Hayden from New Mexico State University in the US. “Now we are finding the same is true of stars in

  • China: Man kills 3-day-old grandson born with cleft lip        

    Beijing : In a horrifying incident, an elderly man in eastern China has allegedly killed his grandson by injecting him with a lethal chemical, three days after the child was born with a cleft lip. The boy, who was born on July 14, died at a hospital in Shanghai’s Chongming county on July 17 after being injected with potassium chloride, a prescription drug used with saline in transfusions which could stop

  • Blue LEDs can be used to preserve food

    Singapore: Blue light emitting diodes (LEDs) have strong antibacterial effect on major foodborne pathogens and can be used as a chemical-free food preservation method, a new study has found.

  • New compound shrinks pancreatic cancer tumours

    London : Scientists have designed a new chemical compound that has reduced the growth of pancreatic cancer tumours by 80 per cent in treated mice, reports PTI.

  • IS using chlorine as chem weapon

    Melbourne :  The Islamic State terror group is using chlorine in attacks and recruiting highly trained technical experts to make chemical weapons, Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said, reports PTI.

  • Hidden fragrance can trigger allergy

    London : Researchers have shown that a common fragrance chemical which is one of the main constituents of the lavender oil can cause allergic eczema, says IANS.

  • Brain chemical can reverse pain

    New York : A chemical in the brain typically associated with cognition, as well as regulating movement and emotion, among others, may help reverse chronic pain, new research has found, says IANS.

  • Red meat molecule may raise cancer risk

    Washington : Eating red meat may elevate the risk of cancer because it contains a chemical that is unnatural to human biology, researchers, including those of Indian-origin, suggest, reports PTI.

  • Chemical ind must seize the opportunity

    Mumbai: “Indian chemical industry has an established base, and today the industry stands at the cusp of high growth”, said Dr. Jacques Perez, Managing Director and Country Representative, LANXESS India, opening the session on ‘Making India a specialty chemicals hub: Potential and Investment opportunities in the sector’ at IndiaChem 2014. The optimistic start set the tone for the session, indicating that the Indian chemical industry has significant potential which could be realized