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  • TEDx Gateway 2018: Dr Bronwyn King, of Tobacco Free Portfolios, is leading an inspirational fight against lung cancer

    Lung cancer is today the world’s leading cause of cancer death. It kills many more from cardiovascular and respiratory diseases (some six million a year) and is forecast to kill a billion by the end of this century, on average about 12 years early. Dr Bronwyn King’s Tobacco Free Portfolios works collaboratively with finance leaders across the globe to encourage them to reconsider commercial relationships with the tobacco industry and stand in

  • Statins may up diabetes risk in older women

    Brisbane: Older women, over 75, taking statins — cholesterol-lowering drugs — may be at 33 per cent increased risk of developing diabetes, according to study.

  • Air pollution may cause damage in blood vessels

    New York: Increased exposure to air pollution may cause damage and inflammation to blood vessels among young and healthy adults and thus raise the risk of cardiovascular disease and other related deaths, say researchers, including one of Indian-origin.

  • Improper diet leads to poor heart health in kids

    New York: Children who eat high-calorie, low-nutrition food and avoid eating healthy are at risk of having poor heart health, a new study has suggested, reports IANS.

  • Household air pollution may up risk of heart attack

    New York: Long-term exposure to household air pollution from fuels, such as kerosene or diesel, is likely to increase the risk of heart attack and death, warn researchers including an Indian origin scientist.

  • Toothpaste, soap compound may rapidly disrupt gut bacteria

    Washington: A common antimicrobial and antifungal agent found in many consumer products ranging from hand soaps to toys and even toothpaste, may rapidly disrupt bacterial communities found in the gut, a new study suggests.

  • Know your BP numbers to stay healthy

    Those were the days when our forefathers toiled in the fields all through the day; our grandmothers were spinning around doing all the household chores and the children at home did not have snazzy gadgets to be glued on.

  • Father’s age, lifestyle can cause birth defects in kids

    New York: New fathers please take note! Your age, use of alcohol and other lifestyle factors can cause birth defects in your child as well as in future generations, warns a new research.

  • Waist not weight puts you at greater liver disease risk

    Washington D.C:  When it comes to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease complications, it is waist that matters, not the weight, according to a recent study. The study demonstrated that a build-up of fat around the waist can cause more serious complications than obesity in the development of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).

  • How one sugary drink daily boosts India’s death rate

    Sugar-sweetened beverages account for every one in 200 deaths caused by India’s rising tide of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity, according to a 2015 study, reports IANS.

  • Kidney stones may put kids at heart disease risk

    New York : Kidney stones in children are not an isolated medical problem, claim researchers, suggesting that there is a clear link between kidney stones in children and thickened or hardened arteries — precursors to a wide variety of cardiovascular diseases, reports IANS.

  • BP management can reduce heart failure

    Washington : Maintaining blood pressure at a lower than currently recommended level can significantly reduce risk of death due to cardiovascular events, such as heart attack and heart failure, as well as stroke, new research led by an Indian-origin doctor suggests, reports IANS.

  • stressed

    Mental stress can raise physical fatigue: study

    Washington: Worried about something at work? You may find yourself more exhausted at the end of the day, according to a new study by Indian-origin researchers who have found that mental stress can increase physical fatigue. This phenomenon is a result of the activation of a specific area of the brain when we attempt to participate in both physical and mental tasks simultaneously, researchers said. Ranjana Mehta, assistant professor at the Texas A&M Health

  • why Indians are more susceptible to diabetes

    Sydney : Compared to those in the developed world, middle classes in India and other developing countries are more susceptible to Type-2 diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases, thanks to their undernourished ancestors, says a study, reports IANS.

  • High BP is driving heart ailments in India: study

    Washington : Hypertension or high blood pressure is the most common cardiovascular risk factor among Indians followed by diabetes, tobacco use and high cholesterol, a study of outpatient care in India has found, reports PTI.

  • Overdoing exercise may harm heart attack survivors

    Washington : This is one thing you must avoid if you are a heart attack survivor. Stick to the basics, do brisk walking and jogging at your pace and do not overdo physical activity.