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  • Britain’s Brexit dilemma

    Autumn has come to Britain with the normal conventions of politics in a state of flux. Ever since Britain voted to leave the European Union, the ordinary rules no longer apply. A tense political atmosphere has only underscored the scale of the task ahead as Britain contemplates a new relationship with Europe amid uncertainty. The underlying issues that the referendum has brought out should matter not just to Britain but to representative democracies elsewhere

  • UK govt rejects second referendum petition

    London: The UK government has officially rejected a petition signed by over 4.1 million people calling for a second referendum for Britain to decide on its fate in or out of the EU, saying the people’s decision must be “respected”.

  • First ISIS suspect to spy for Britain

    London: In a first, an Islamic State terror suspect in custody over suspicions of his role in Paris and Brussels terror attacks has turned into an informer for UK police intelligence services against the terror outfit.

  • Trump wants Kasich out as Wisconsin vote looms

    Milwaukee: Americans return to the polls for yet another presidential primary election in what has proven the most chaotic Republican contest in recent memory, with front-runner Donald Trump now pushing rival John Kasich to leave the White House race saying the nomination is beyond his grasp.

  • Busy airports like Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted are on the hit-list

    London: Security experts in Britain have warned travellers against Brussels-style terror attacks at the country’s airports, including the busy Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted, as they called for stepping up security measures at the entry to terminals. Over 10 people were killed and many seriously injured after suicide bombers blew themselves up at Zaventem airport in Brussels on March 22. “The events in Brussels have served to remind us that public area is