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  • Men like to ‘show off’ while eating at social gatherings

    New York: If you’re a man, gorging on delicious delicacies at a holiday meal or friend’s BBQ might have more to do with your ego than the quality of the food. According to a new study, men are at particular risk of overeating in social situations even when there is no incentive to do so, but opportunities for them to “show off”, says IANS.

  • baking bread

    ‘Unhealthy, indulgent meals were desirable even 500 years ago’

    Washington: Our desire for indulgent meals may be over 500 years old, according to a new study which found that meat and bread were among the most commonly depicted foods in 16th century European paintings of meals. “Crazy meals involving less-than-healthy foods aren’t a modern craving,” said lead author Brian Wansink, from Cornell University’s Food and Brand Lab in the US.

  • Fast food not to be blamed for obesity

    New York : Soda, candy and fast food are not the leading cause of obesity in the US, suggests a new Cornell University study which says that intake of foods like cheese burgers, chocolate bars and soft drinks is not related to Body Mass Index (BMI) in the average adult, reports IANS.

  • TV Recipes Not Healthy: Survey

    New York : If you source your recipes from TV, you are likely to weigh about 11 pounds more than if you watch cooking shows for entertainment and do not often cook, finds a study, reports IANS.

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