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  • Revealed: Why people get aggressive after drinking

    Melbourne: Just two glasses of vodka can trigger changes in the brain region linked to aggression, say scientists who used MRI scans to understand why people become violent after consuming alcohol.

  • More grey matter mass secret to happiness

    Tokyo : Have you ever wondered why some people stay happier despite having limited means to enjoy the good things in life? The secret may lie in having more gray matter mass in a brain region, according to a new research.

  • sleep loss, weight gain

    Why sleep loss could lead to weight gain

    New York: Following a night of total sleep deprivation, a brain region known as the “salience network” may lead us to eat more fat, new research has found.  “Although this study examined the effects of acute total sleep deprivation, similar changes may occur in response to the chronic partial sleep restriction that is so prevalent in today’s society,” said study’s senior author Hengyi Rao from the University of Pennsylvania.