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  • Indore: OTBA withdrawn for good, failed to improve logic

    Indore: Open Text Based Assessment (OTBA) was introduced by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in Class IX (Hindi, English, Mathematics, Science and Social Science subjects) and in final examination of Class XI in select subjects (Economics, Biology and Geography) from March, 2014, for development of logical explanation in students, but it failed to have any visible effect on educational development.

  • Gene linked to insomnia identified

    New York: Offering a target for developing new therapies to address sleep disorders, researchers have identified a gene that when overactivated causes severe insomnia. Expression of this gene called neuromedin U (Nmu), also seems to serve as nature’s stimulant – fish lacking the gene takes longer to wake up in the morning and are less active during the day, the study said.

  • Zika virus spread in higher temperatures, say experts

    Washington : The mosquito behind the Zika virus seems to operate like a heat-driven missile of disease. The hotter it gets, the better the mosquito that carries Zika virus is at transmitting its buffet of dangerous illnesses, scientists say. Although it is too early to say for this outbreak, past outbreaks of similar diseases involved more than just biology.

  • Humans only have one sense, not five: study

    Washington : Humans do not have five senses but most likely one, according to a neuroscientist in the US who suggests that taste, smell, touch, sound and sight may be part of the same system, reports PTI.

  • Coming soon: Drug to fight alcoholism

    London : Researchers have identified a compound that can reduce the craving for alcohol in alcohol dependent people, a finding that may lead to a drug to treat alcoholism, reports PTI.

  • Indian scientists dispute decade-old biology principles of cancer

    Singapore : Indian scientists at the Columbia University have disputed decade-old cancer biology principles by showing that a gene critical for preventing the disease did not work as thought of previously, rperots PTI.

  • Sagar Goyal of CatalyseR is city topper in AIIMS

    Indore : Sagar Goyal of CatalyseR secured AIR-32 in AIIMS-2015, results of which were announced on Thursday. Besides, Sanjya Mehta and Samarth Dube of the institute secured AIR-204 and AIR-600 respectively.

  • Fish as clever as chimps at choosing partner for tasks

    London : Fish may have smaller brains than chimpanzees but they perform as well if not better than humankind’s closest evolutionary relative when it comes to choosing the best partner for a task, a study found, reports to IANS.