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    Politics is the art of selling the impossible

    At the BJP National Executive in Delhi last week, the party leadership projected a picture of confidence and determination, at a time when the government is under fire for rising fuel prices and a falling rupee. The upbeat mood in the BJP, it appears, has more to do with the disarray in the Opposition than its own performance. Indeed, the BJP leadership devoted considerable time to criticising the proposed mahagathbandhan.

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    Cleavage ok, not breastfeeding

    It’s the most natural thing in the world. Everybody’s done it. Breastfeeding, that is. The majority of 7.5 billion homo sapiens have been breastfed and at least 200 million are still ‘on the breast’. Yet, most of us will be hard put to recall real-life memories of the mammary gland being put to use as nature intended.

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    Monitor schemes to see MSP succeed

    It’s that time of the election cycle again, when farmers become the focus of government solicitude. After years of acute distress and farmers’ agitations, the agricultural sector is now getting the TLC or tender loving care it deserves. Better four years late than never, minimum support prices (MSP) for kharif crops have increased sharply, but this in itself is not enough to address the issue of stagnating farm incomes.

  • Limits of Delhi, AAP and Lt Governor

    The asymmetry of power between the Centre and the State government of Delhi has been partially addressed by the Supreme Court. The ruling Aam Aadmi Party has been freed of the Lt Governor’s stranglehold on the administration and elected representatives can now govern as they see fit.

  • Emergency vs the ‘Undeclared’ one

    The spike-studded Emergency boot is now on the other foot, or so the Lutyen’s intelligentsia would have the Indian electorate believe. At this very moment, we are told, a ‘maha-Emergency’ is in force. Democratic insitutions are being insidiously subverted and the Constitution given the go-by.

  • A ‘guru’ not at peace with himself

    Spiritual leaders are a repository of pain and angst. Devotees lay all their troubles, heartaches, guilt, anger and jealousies at the guru’s feet and emerge unburdened. Not once do they stop to wonder how the guru deals with it all. Or whether he might have his own sorrows.

  • The charkha has come full circle

    The charkha has come full circle. Traditional Indian fabrics, decimated first by brute force and then by manmade fibres, may be the best bet to save our planet. Plastic microfibres from synthetic garments and furnishings, research studies say, has contaminated drinking water, sea-water and marine life to a frightening extent, threatening fragile eco-systems even on the ocean-bed.

  • Pragmatic move of ex-Pesident Pranab Mukherjee riles Congress

    Pranab Mukherjee (may his tribe increase) was an old-school politician. Sagicious, gracious and on occasion, loquacious, the former President of India can teach the Congress babalog a lesson or two in realpolitik and liberal democracy.

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    Casting Couch: Working up the ladder with erotic assets

    Bollywood choreographer Saroj Khan may not have heard of British sociologist Catherine Hakim, but the two appear to agree on one thing: using sexuality to succeed in the workplace is acceptable.


    Rationalising the election cycle

    School teachers dread elections, with good reason. Deploying school staff on election duty inconveniences both, faculty members and students, interrupting academic schedules and piling additional stress on teachers who are already stuck with non-academic duties like census-taking. This, despite a 2007 Supreme Court ruling against election duty for teachers on working days.

  • The arithmetic of population logic

    A vote in the great state of Uttar Pradesh carries less weight in a general election than a vote in Tamil Nadu. It’s simple arithmetic: UP’s 22 crore people send 80 MPs to the Lok Sabha. Tamil Nadu, with a third of the population, has almost half as many MPs (39). Similarly, Kerala has a sixth of UP’s population but one-fourth as many seats.

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    SC/ST Act: Is it right to demonise the Executive?

    One of the first lessons in Civics at school is the doctrine of separation of powers, which assigns separate spheres to the three organs of government. This system of checks and balances, we are taught, keeps our democracy humming along smoothly. It is illogical, therefore, to demonise the Executive when the Judiciary exercises its powers in accordance with its constitutional mandate.

  • Rahul Gandhi 2.0 is taking shape

    In the wake of the plenary, some have offered their resignations from party posts so that “youth and talent from across the country” can find a place at the party’s high table.

  • Rewarding dal badal devalues party loyalty

    DNA as a criteria for getting a party ticket is offensive to party workers, particularly those who joined the RSS parivar for ideological reasons. Modi’s moral authority and RSS discipline may hold their anger in check for the moment, but loyal party workers cannot be treated as bonded labour in the long term – as the Congress discovered, to its cost. It may also spawn a host of rebels, to the detriment of the

  • Ruminations on re-moo-netisation

    De-moo-netisation, or cow deprivation, was a terrible crime in ancient India, when ownership of cattle was the measure of wealth. Kings gained karma points by gifting cows to brahmans. Conversely, a king stealing a cow from a brahman got it in the neck, as we learn from the story of King Kartavirya, who nobbled Sage Jamadagni’s cow and got his head chopped off by Parasuram.

  • The demon in demonetisation

    The entire burden of the 2017 assembly elections has been placed on the PM’s Atlas-like shoulders. Is that fair? Should he be expected to stake his prestige on state elections, which are fought on local issues? The PM is not averse to leading from the front. We get that.

  • Looking forward to succour, not gaffes from opposition

    IF only Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi could rein in his alchemical urge to turn political capital into dross and advantage into affliction, the Congress can parley public discontent over demonetisation into majorities in Punjab, Uttarakhand, Goa and Manipur and a good showing in Uttar Pradesh.

  • Demonetisation effect: Laughing all the way to the bank and back

    The gelastic release of tension through social media buffoonery shouldn’t lull the government into a false sense of security. Humour speaks truth to power. It ridicules and undermines the powerful. It is a potent form of vox populi, beyond the scope of repression. The hilarity doesn’t make it any less serious a commentary on the performance of the ruling dispensation.

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    Giriraj Singh: Surgical strike against overpopulation

    Union minister Giriraj Singh’s proposed surgical strike against overpopulation, intended to snip and clip the very roots of social disharmony and economic disparity, meets the gold standard in terms of policy. To overcome Johnny Public’s Emergency-induced shivers of apprehension at the mention of nasbandi, the political class must lead the way.