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    Binge on sumptuous Bengali cuisines at the Bengali Food Fest in Mumbai

    The first thought when someone says Bengali food is ‘Roshogolla’ and ‘Maachher Jhol’. Bengali food is much more than fish curry and rasgulla. Bengali cuisines comprise an array of meat, egg and vegetarian delicacies. Whether you are a Bong missing home or a Mumbaikar who loves to delve into cuisines from different parts of India, here is a Bengali Food Festival that offers the best of Bengal in aamchi Mumbai. The 10-day long

  • Harilal & Sons: A Novel- Review

    Name: Harilal & Sons
    Author: Sujit Saraf
    Publisher: Speaking Tiger
    Pages: 516
    Price: Rs 699

  • durga-puja

    Durga Puja Pandal Hopping 2016: The Mumbai guide

    Durga Puja in Mumbai may not be glitzy and enticing as in the streets of Kolkata but it surely captures the magnificence and the bliss of the festival. It is the only time of the year when the bengali’s in Mumbai switch on to their traditional mode.

  • Best Bengali Restaurants to Visit in Mumbai

    Bengali Food has spread its roots in various parts of the country and Mumbai is no exception. Being a cosmopolitan city, it has a sizeable number of Bengalis. Apart from that, other people too are curious and interested to try out this cuisine; Bengali food is known for its subtle yet fiery flavors and its wide range of fish, chicken and lamb dishes. The deserts are some of the best and well