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  • Huawei to bring Kirin 980 chipset to India this festive quarter

    New Delhi: Chinese tech giant Huawei on Friday said that the company’s  seven nanometre mobile chipset equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities, the Kirin 980, will reach Indian consumers in the fourth quarter of this year. Based on Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturer Company’s (TSMC) 7nm process, Kirin 980 delivers 20 per cent improved performance and 40 per cent more power efficiency, according to Huawei which surpassed Apple to become the second-largest global smartphone seller

  • Canadian Artificial Intelligence companies look to tap Indian market

    Mumbai : Over 11 Canadian companies—mostly medium-size and startups— have come to India as part of a delegation to attend the 15th Municipalika Exhibition and Conference in Mumbai. These Canadian companies are looking at partnering with local players to promote the use of artificial intelligence in smart cities.

  • This Alibaba robot will serve in China’s hotels soon

    Hangzhou: China’s e-tail giant Alibaba on Thursday unveiled a robot that will serve guests in the country’s hotels soon. “The robotics industry is revolutionising the world and Alibaba Artificial Intelligence (AI) Labs is raising the stakes in this industry with the launch of service robots for hospitality sector starting October,” the company said at its annual Cloud Computing Conference 2018 being held here.

  • This MIT robot can visually understand objects never seen before

    New York: Imagine letting a robot clean your house while you are at work, or to clear your tables. That’s exactly what the novel robot developed by researchers at the MIT can do. The team at the MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL), developed a novel system which lets robots inspect random objects, and visually understand them enough to accomplish specific tasks without ever having seen them before.

  • 2 Indian start-ups listed for Google’s ‘Launchpad Studio’ programme

    Mumbai: Mumbai-based m.Paani and Gurugram-based Aye Finance have been listed in 10 companies selected globally by Google for its flagship development acceleration programme “Launchpad Studio”. The “Launchpad Studio” programme brings top machine learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based startups from across the world and experts from Silicon Valley under the guidance of Google researchers, engineers, product managers and trusted experts.

  • Google announces new AI technology to fight online child sexual abuse

    San Francisco: US tech giant Google announced on Monday that it is employing a new artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to combat online spreading of contents involving child sexual abuse. Google said its cutting-edge AI technology uses deep neural networks for image processing to help discover and detect child sexual abuse material (CSAM) online.

  • Google’s artificial intelligence to predict earthquake aftershocks

    Boston: Scientists at Harvard University and Google have used an artificial intelligence (AI) system to analyse a database of earthquakes from around the world to predict where aftershocks might occur. Earthquakes typically occur in sequences: an initial “mainshock” is often followed by a set of aftershocks, said Phoebe DeVries, a post-doctoral fellow at Harvard University in the US. Although these aftershocks are usually smaller than the main shock, in some cases, they may significantly

  • Flipkart acquires AI startup

    Mumbai: Flipkart on Tuesday acquired Bengaluru-based artificial intelligence startup to roll out voice-based shopping on its platform to compete with rival Amazon’s Alexa.

  • Android 9 Pie Go edition launched for entry-level phones

    San Francisco: Google has rolled out a “Go Edition” of its recently launched Artificial Intelligence (AI)-packed Android 9 Pie with additional storage, faster boot time, better security and more to bring improvements to entry-level phones.

  • Exito’s CFO Leadership Summit: CFOs must groom themselves for digital age

    The 12th edition of CFO Leadership Summit organised by Exito Media Concepts Pvt. Ltd. in Mumbai on June 13, 2018, delivered good insights on the emerging challenges of the CFOs against the backdrop of the fast-changing business environment. This summit served as a guide to the journey of the CFOs to attain the next level of excellence in their profession. Top 20 CFOs were honoured at the event for their continued commitment

  • This artificial intelligence model mimics human brain

    New York: A team of US researchers has developed an “artificial synapse” that does not process information like a digital computer but rather mimics the way human brain completes tasks.

  • Artificial intelligence can bridge rich-poor divide: Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis

    Mumbai: Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis today said Artificial Intelligence will create more jobs and help in bridging the gap between the rich and the poor. The technology could also help in facilitating the reach of health services to remote areas, he said. Fadnavis was speaking at a panel discussion on Governance and Artificial Intelligence with Vice Premier of Quebec Dominique Anglade in Montreal.

  • NITI Aayog releases national strategy on Artificial Intelligence, identifies 5 focus areas

    New Delhi: NITI Aayog has identified five sectors — healthcare, agriculture, education, smart cities and infrastructure and transportation — to focus its efforts towards implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) to serve societal needs. The government’s think-tank on Monday unveiled its discussion paper on national strategy on AI which aims to guide research and development in new and emerging technologies.

  • Google rolls out Assistant’s new voices in United States

    San Francisco: A day after Google announced the addition of six new voices to its Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered Assistant, users in the US can now change the voices of their assistants, a media report said. Google at its annual developer conference Google I/O on Tuesday announced that people would soon have a choice of choosing from six voices, including one of musician John Legend, to talk to “Google Assistant”.

  • Alibaba confirms developing self-driving vehicles

    Beijing: Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group has confirmed that it has been working on autonomous driving technology, the China Daily reported on Wednesday. Wang Gang, Chief Scientist at the company’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Labs, is leading the research team and it have made rapid progress, the daily quoted Alibaba as saying.

  • PNB to split loan appraisal, monitoring teams

    New Delhi : To avert any future fraud, state-run lender Punjab National Bank said that it has strengthened internal audit controls by having separate “pre-sanction appraisal and post sanction monitoring” teams for credit disbursal.

  • Run! Run! Run! The Robots are coming!

    Large numbers of jobs such as the manufacture of cars on the assembly line are increasingly being done by robots. About one-half of the present day jobs may be under threat from robots. White collar jobs like those of legal research are under threat from Artificial Intelligence (AI). We cannot stop this thunderous entry of these job-eating technologies. We must focus on the positives of these technologies just as we appreciate the

  • How China can help India take a giant leap in Artificial Intelligence

    New Delhi: Tech honchos in Silicon Valley are deeply worried at China’s rapid progress in harnessing Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that has shown encouraging results in changing the way we work and live. According to Eric Schmidt, former chairman of Alphabet, the parent company of Google, China will overtake the US in AI by 2025.