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  • Teens drinking regularly face worse alcohol problems than adults

    Sydney: Teens aged under 17 who drink alcohol weekly are three times more likely to binge drink and be dependent on alcohol as adults compared with their peers who don’t drink, an Australian-led research said on Wednesday.

  • Drugs, alcohol and more; Ranbir Kapoor reveals his past and present addictions

    Ranbir Kapoor has finally re-established his position at the box office with his latest release Sanju doing record breaking business. He has got validation from both masses and critics for this movie as he has proved himself to be the best actor of our times. Post success of Sanju, he spoke to media about what went into the preparation of possibly one of the toughest role of his career.

  • Nearly 50 Indonesians dead in April from bootleg liquor 

    Jakarta: Nearly 50 people have died after drinking bootleg liquor in western Indonesia including the capital Jakarta in little more than a week. In the latest incident, 17 people died between Thursday and early Monday in Cicalengka subdistrict near the West Java capital of Bandung.

  • Revealed: Why people get aggressive after drinking

    Melbourne: Just two glasses of vodka can trigger changes in the brain region linked to aggression, say scientists who used MRI scans to understand why people become violent after consuming alcohol.

  • New Year 2018: Over 200 people booked for drink and drive in UP

    Lucknow: More than 200 New Year revellers were booked by the police for drunken driving in major towns of Uttar Pradesh, an official said on Monday. All the drivers booked were under the influence of alcohol and were driving at very high speed, he said.

  • Maharashtra: With beer prices on rise, people may shift to hard liquor

    Mumbai: Citizens are irked as the state government has decided to increase the maximum retail price (MRP) of beer in Mumbai and other parts of Maharashtra. Due to this hike, beer will be sold at the highest rate in Maharashtra as compared to all others Indian states. This hike may reduce beer sales, lead to losses and compel consumers to opt for hard liquor which is comparatively cheap.

  • Christmas 2017: Extreme boozing can lead to ‘Holiday Heart Syndrome’

    Mumbai: The hustle and bustle of the holiday season can be exhausting and also can be dangerous as it is all about eating, drinking and partying during December. This is a weekend when many people throughout the country will start raising their alcohol-filled glasses to usher in the festive season. The holiday season is typically, and unfortunately, associated with the excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages.

  • Smokers more likely to drink alcohol and suffer from psychiatric illness: Study

    Mumbai: Smokers are more likely to consume alcohol and suffer from psychiatric illness than non- smokers, a study has revealed. The study, carried out by the city-based Asian Heart Institute, also found that a significant number of people pick up the habit to reduce stress or for pleasure.

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    Assam: Four dead, several serious after consuming spurious liquor

    Tinsukia (Assam): At least four people have died and several others are admitted in a hospital after drinking spurious alcohol in Assam’s Tinsukia District in last four days. The deceased have been identified as: Papu Thakur, Biswajit Tell, Santosh Hemsing Karmakar and David Kashyap. While the other affected people are admitted in Dangori Hospital. Many incidents of deaths due to the spurious liquor have been reported from Assam in the recent past, but

  • Bhopal: Alcohol, tobacco addiction a growing concern: Yoga Guru HR Nagendra

    Bhopal: Expressing concerns over the growing menace of addiction to alcohol and tobacco products in the country, Yoga Guru HR Nagendra said that dependence on such substances has adversely affected mental and physical health of person and disturbed families in a multitude of ways — financially, emotionally and functionally.

  • Mumbai’s shocking hiss-story: Youth want to be bitten by snakes to get high

    Mumbai: There is a resurgence of new psychoactive substance among youngsters who want to be bitten by snakes to get high especially for recreational purposes. The survey conducted at two government-run hospitals and de-addiction centres says that youth between the age group of 19 and 28 are trying snake bite under peer pressure, due to academic or love failure or some other reasons.