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  • Micro fiction: The new-age writing fad

     Micro fiction works are rising steadily in popularity among the new-age digital bibliophiles, says Ketaki Latkar

  • Why Ramzan is actually a foodie’s delight

    At the advent of Ramzan, Nikita Wadhawan talks to food bloggers as they dish out their favourite treats for the holy month  

  • The awe and inspiration of Chicago

    Sujoy Dhar  is awed with the city’s architecture and inspired by its culture and history

  • Aya and Sara

    Aya rushed towards her home. She did not stop to look back. Someone would stop her and take her away. She had to rescue Sara. She wouldn’t go back without Sara. She wondered if they were calling out to her. It didn’t matter. She could no longer hear properly.

  • Why Shape of You is still in shape!

    Five months after its debut, Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You is still inspiring covers and mash-ups at a prodigious rate. What gives?

  • Men are making style statement with loose suits

    Loose suits are quietly yet quickly catching the trend especially for those on a broader side. Sapna Sarfare digs out more on the relaxed style for men with a stylish touch

  • What is spirituality?

    “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”
    Pierre Teilhard de Chardin 

  • The One That Got Away: Review

    Title: The One That Got Away
    Author: Annabel Kantaria
    Publisher: Harper Collins
    Pages: 456, Price: Rs 340

  • The not-so-fairy tales of real princesses

    Fairy tales mean princes rescuing princesses. However, here is one crowd funded book that is making waves around the world to retell the fairy tales by reimagining the heroines into modern-day princesses who are in control of their own destinies, says Boski Gupta

  • Be confident to beat adversity

    Being confident is important. It helps one tide over adverse situations, says Dr Shrirang Bakhle

  • The Pioneer of 3D Art in India

    I last met Baiju Parthan at an Art Camp that took us to Prague, Vienna and Budapest. I was reconnecting with him after almost two years. His apartment in suburban Mumbai was cluttered with old Macs and all kinds of miscellaneous gadgetry. Old Baiju works adorn his walls. We kick off our chat over steaming hot cups of black coffee.