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  • Balancing the flow of energy in your home

    PyraVastu and Feng Shui has been evolving since ancient times. Even in modern times lot of research is taking place to make it user friendly and practical to apply. System of Vastu and Feng Shui help us understand the property’s energy flow and its suitability to occupants. It can be applied right from plot selection, shape and size of the building, placement of each rooms, door and window positions, interiors, furniture placement,

  • Know the power of the subconscious mind

    Negative thinking patterns engineer maladies while positive thinking keeps us cheery and blessed with jollity and good health, writes RAVI VALLURI

  • Now, grooms too can grab the attention on wedding day!

    Gone are those days when grooms would take back seat in the glamour game and the brides would win it all. Amita Ghose writes about the easiest regime that grooms may follow to grab the lion’s share of attention on the D-Day

  • The significance of forgiveness in spiritual growth

    To forgive someone and to ask for forgiveness, are the most important aspects for your spiritual growth. It is not just saying the words ‘I am sorry’, or ‘I have forgiven you’. It is an emotion which is felt deep within you, and when real forgiveness happens there is a change in that relationship. This is the test of forgiveness. If your relationship has not undergone any change, rest assured you need

  • World Television Day: What’s so regressive, ask TV stars

    How does one celebrate World Television Day in India, when the only words associated with it are ‘regressive’ and repetitive? But those, who work for the TV, slam the contempt and question the adjectives, writes SHUBARNA MUKERJI SHU.

  • Welcome on board: Review

    Title: Welcome on board
    Author: Vinamra Longani
    Publisher: Om Books International
    Pages: 234
    Price: Rs 195

  • What does it mean to be a champion? Find out

    Shayamal Vallabhjee talks to Vibha Singh about the learning’s and strategies from seventeen years of his successful professional sports career to help nurture the mindset of young people to become champion in corporate and real life…

  • Learn about Swagyan – Knowledge of the Self

    The other day I watched a show called Cosmos on national geographic channel. I was awe struck at the vastness of the entire cosmos. I found myself wondering where I fit in this infinite scheme of the universe only to realise that I am even smaller than a speck of dust. And this tiny little me makes myself to be so big with my ego, my problems, my issues. We all feel