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  • Salman Khan sister Shweta Rohira shares her funda on Love 

    Creative artist and writer Shweta Rohira who is rakhi sister of Salman Khan shares her logic on love. When asked what are your views on love? She says,”I feel love is a very essential part of our existence, loving our self is the first step towards having a joyful life. It’s love that connects us to our divine existence and our whole life in total.”

  • But seriously, is it Love?

    Ask yourself what the scenes below leave you with, suggests SHUBARNA MUKERJI SHU, and decide how truthful these interpretations of love are…

  • Fest of love: Ujjain opens up to global culture

    Ujjain: Valentine’s week is being celebrated with great vehemence in the city. Youngsters are getting more inclined towards celebrating Valentine’s week due to the influence of social media and access to global culture. Going by the statistics, business during Valentine’s week in gift shops is rising at the rate of 20 per cent every year.

  • Tips to dress perfectly on this Valentine Day

    Make your Valentine’s Day date special with tips on how to dress perfectly. Sapna Sarfare reveals the minute details which will nail the day of love for you.

  • Love is everything and everywhere, says Manish Paul

    The Sultan of Stage, as he’s fondly called, MANIESH PAUL shares with VIRAJ SAWAN this fairytale love story which blossomed over a pair of much-desired shoes…

  • Cyberkisses, and falling in love via video call!

    Technology has changed our lives. It has affected us in every possible way, touched every aspect of our lives. So it is obvious that it will affect the way we love, and fall in love. Frederick Noronha zeroes down on few apps and technical tricks to help you find love… this Valentine’s Day!

  • Why I hate Valentine’s Day, and why you should too!

    Every couple you ever met told you that Valentine’s Day is awesome and only all those who are single hate Valentine’s Day and the couples. Well, no. I have been single and I have dated, on Valentine’s Day and both are as annoying and frustrating as it can get. Everywhere you look you see fancy stuffed animals, greeting cards, roses, over emphasis on love, need of a partner and other disgusting things along with

  • 7 movies picks for those who hate Valentine’s Day!

    If you completely detest the Valentine’s Day, we hate to remind you that Valentine’s Day is coming up. It is the kind of day, when the moment you step out of your house you will see couples everywhere, celebrating the day to all its glory. So isn’t it advisable that you call over your friends, who detest the day equally and then watch these few unromantic movies.

  • EG_for_men_giftset__2_

    Valentine’s Day 2017: These cool gifts ‘for him’ will amaze the man in your life

    Valentine’s Day is round the corner. The love season brings along some tough challenge especially when it comes to buying a gift ‘for him’. Admit it! Shopping for a guy is not an easy task and always leaves us scratching our head for some idea. To make your task easier, we have compile a list of cool gifts to impress the man in your life. We think at least one of these gifts will

  • Phones in India more dear than significant other: Survey

    New Delhi: If you’ve ever felt disgusted when your partner paid more attention to his/her phone on a date then you are not the only one. Most adults in India paid more attention to their smartphone than their partner when they were together, a new study has revealed.

  • Promise

    Promise Day 2017: 7 promises to make your relationship bulletproof!

    It wouldn’t be wrong if we say that the Valentine’s Week has made us believe that ‘love is in the air’. With the day approaching begins the celebration of rose day, teddy day and chocolate day, among others. But ‘Promise Day’ plays a vital role unconditionally to make the relationship even stronger. We all know love comes with a huge baggage of responsibilities, commitments and promises. Making huge and empty promises will never make

  • Open your heart with the magical words!

    Indore: Taking the opportunity of ‘Propose Day’ to say ‘I love you’ to their loved one, youngsters are preparing to say the magical words for the first time in their life. While people who have been lucky enough to be with the love of their life are planning special pampering dates for their better half.