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  • Work Wear: Get ‘street’ smart at work

    Casualness always changes the mood. Sometimes, it is always good to bring in your street side to make things better. Work is where it is needed more. Offices, these days, are now working towards bringing a little bit of relaxed attitude for creativity in work. This means a great opportunity to wear some street clothes to work. The only trouble is the ignorance of most people with the ability to draw the

  • Go Bhoemian with Gypset Trends

    Go bohemian with gypsy clothing combined with jet set styling. Sapna Sarfare finds out more about the latest fashion trend– Gypset Fashion

  • Rain Ready: Monsoon Magic

    Monsoon means refreshing your style for a newer you. Sapna Sarfare brings in latest trends in fashion and beauty to make you look fabulous.

  • Wedding Gowns

    The Big Indian Summer Wedding

    Summer weddings in India are big and vivid as the country itself. Sapna Sarfare brings in the inputs to make it extra special.

  • Desiring designers under 10K

    There is a growing market of affordable designer wear under 10K in India, but it comes with terms and conditions. Sapna Sarfare finds more about this.

  • Colour Me Blue: ‘Tress’ing on denim

    Denim Hair is the latest trend to hit the world of tresses. Sapna Sarfare brings in more grub regarding this rather offbeat but fascinating style.

  • Letting your hair up

    To beat the summer heat, all you have to do is get the right hairstyle and haircut. SAPNA SARFARE shows you the right way to approach it.

  • The Vicky Factor

    In the first of a five part series, SAPNA SARFARE has ace celebrity chef Vicky Ratnani speaks about food trend to rock

  • Eat to beat the heat

    If summer is spoiling your appetite, SAPNA SARFARE asks three prominent chefs to share recipes which are light, taste great and perfect for the scorching heat. (more…)

  • The shirtdress of the matter

    Shirtdresses are the perfect trend for this season. SAPNA SARFARE tells you how to wear it in style.

  • Go formally casual

    The latest fashion trend for men is to combine formal wear with casual style. Sapna Sarfare gathers the suggestions for the dudes to strut in style (more…)