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  • Karnataka Assembly Elections: Can Siddaramaiah retain Karnataka and stop Congress’ rut?

    Punjab, Karnataka, Mizoram, Puducherry. These are the only states which Congress is governing (Puducherry is a union territory) and the grand old party is facing an existential crisis. The Election Commission of India recently announced dates for Karnataka assembly polls, which will be held on May 12 and results will be out on May 15. Along with Punjab, Karnataka is the only major state which Congress is ruling and god forbid if

  • Will Narendra Modi’s arrogance and hubris cost BJP 2019 elections?

    May 26, 2014: A tea seller by the name of Narendra Damodardas Modi takes oath as India’s 14th Prime Minister and vows to change India forever. And now on April 2, 2018, India is going through a delicate phase and most of the promises have not been met or remain unfulfilled. Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) led NDA government has been charged with no-confidence motion by none other than its former ally i.e.

  • Rahul Gandh. Pic/ PTI

    Rahul Gandhi slams RSS/BJP for plight of Dalits 

    New Delhi: Congress president Rahul Gandhi today slammed the RSS and the BJP for the plight of Dalits and said he saluted “brothers and sisters” from the community who have hit the streets to demand protection of their rights from the Modi government.

  • Leak in everything, ‘watchman’ is weak says Congress President Rahul Gandhi

    New Delhi: Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Thursday attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the CBSE paper leak, saying he is a “weak watchman” as there were leaks in everything. “How many leaks? Data leak! Aadhaar leak! SSC exam leak! Election date leak! CBSE papers leak! There is leak in everything. The watchman (Narendra Modi) is weak,” Gandhi said in a tweet.

  • Rahul Gandhi takes a dig at PM Narendra Modi says, Too many leaks, the ‘chowkidar’ is weak

    New Delhi: Congress president Rahul Gandhi today targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi again, going into rhyme over the series of leaks, including CBSE board papers, to say that the “chowkidar” was weak. Using Twitter as his platform to attack the government, as he has been doing with clockwork regularity lately, he also used the hashtag “BasEkAurSaal”, a reference to the government being left with one year of its term.

  • Parliament to have full run despite ruckus

    Speaker Sumitra Mahajan stated in the Lok Sabha in the morning that several MPs were telling her to adjourn the House sine die if the logjam continues.

  • Can never hate those who stir up hate against me: Rahul Gandhi

    New Delhi: Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday cited a sting by a news website to get back at those targeting him unfairly, saying he can never hate those who try to stir up hate against him. “I can never hate those who try to stir up hate against me, with fake stories and their cunning twisting of fact. For them it’s just business; hate sold for a price, as the Cobrapost expose

  • Can’t hate those who hate me says Congress president Rahul Gandhi

    New Delhi: Seemingly unbothered by a sting operation exposé on certain media houses agreeing to peddle hate against him, Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday said that he can never hate those who try to stir up hate against him.

  • BJP faces flak as Amit Malviya leaks Karnataka Assembly elections dates before EC announcement

    After Rahul Gandhi and Smriti Irani engaged in a Twitter war over data breach controversy, the ruling BJP has tangled themselves in a fresh controversy. The Election Commission today announced the dates for the Karnataka Assembly elections and results, on the other hand BJP’s IT cell head Amit Malviya leaked the dates even before EC commissioner could announce dates. Even though he got the dates wrong, but has ended up creating a

  • Data breach controversy: Congress takes down app and site

    New Delhi: The Congress party appears to have taken their app ‘With INC’ off Google PlayStore. A cursory search for the app on Apple App Store also fails to throw up any results for the Congress app.

  • Rahul Gandhi accuses Narendra Modi of giving NaMo app user data to US firms

    New Delhi: It is clear that the 2019 general election will be fought in the social media. Within two days of a French cyber expert claiming that Narendra Modi’s app was releasing user information to third party domain(s) without their consent, Rahul Gandhi jumped onto the bandwagon, dragging the PM’s name into the unsavoury controversy.

  • Law minister hits back at Rahul for his claim on judges’ appointments

    New Delhi : Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on Sunday hit back at Rahul Gandhi for his claim about huge pendency of cases in courts and shortage of judges, saying the government’s notice to Cambridge Analytica for data mining has unnerved the Congress president.