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  • nobel peace prize medal

    5 Nobel Prize winners from India you should know!

    Indian-Australian mathematician Akshay Venkatesh won the prestigious ‘Fields medal’, often known as the Nobel Prize for mathematics. He is the second Indian-origin mathematician to win the Fields Medal, after Manjul Bhargava, a Princeton University Professor who won the prestigious award in 2014. Meanwhile, let us take a look at the Nobel Prize winners who were Indian. The Nobel Prize is an annual international award bestowed on ‘those who conferred the greatest benefit

  • Mother Teresa-founded charity employees arrested for selling babies

    Ranchi: The Missionary of Charity, set up by Nobel laureate Mother Teresa, has got embroiled in allegations that babies born to unwed mothers were being sold to issueless couples. A nun and a staff member at the charity were arrested on Thursday on charges of child trafficking, the police in the state capital Ranchi said. They could face up to five years in prison.

  • Rescued Kerala Catholic priest Father Tom Uzhunnallil reaches Vatican

    Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala Catholic priest Father Tom Uzhunnallil, rescued from Islamic State terrorists who had abducted him in Yemen in March last year, has reached the Vatican, a Church spokesperson said on Wednesday. Uzhunnallil, kidnapped from a care home in Aden, was brought to Muscat on Tuesday after 18 months in captivity.

  • Ideas, Intelligence and Wisdom

    Intelligence, Knowledge and Wisdom need to be harnessed by humans in ample measure to metamorphose our minds and lives in order to become true achievers, writes RAVI VALLURI

  • Vatican reminds us of our inheritance

    What we need to remember is that in India, those who worship the gurus in the Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist traditions are basically following the same impulses that defined the canonisation of Mother Teresa by the Vatican. Yet, catch a secularist admitting that the impulses are common and that faith and religiosity continue to define India, as it has done for thousands of years.

  • Mother gets a postal stamp in her name

    Mumbai : Mother Teresa, who is now Saint Mother Teresa, will have a new stamp in her name.  This philately stamp was unveiled by Union Telecom Minister Manoj Sinha, on the occasion of her canonisation.

  • Applause, euphoria, and emotion at Mother House

    Kolkata : Not known to express their emotion in public, nuns of the Missionaries of Charity on Sunday cheered loudly, clapped freely and rang bells the moment Pope Francis declared Mother Teresa a saint.

  • ‘She taught virtue of unconditional love’

    New Delhi : Christian leaders and admirers of Mother Teresa on Sunday expressed happiness at her sainthood, saying she spoke the language of love and compassion.

  • Virar church renamed after her sainthood

    Mumbai/Palghar: Thousands of Christians, many with tears of joy in their eyes, witnessed a solemn ceremony in which the Blessed Mother Teresa Church in Virar was rechristened as ‘Saint Mother Teresa Church’ here on Sunday evening.

  • Now A Saint, Always A Mother

    Vatican City : Mother Teresa, who worked among the poorest of the world’s poor, was considered a saint by many for her devotion to charitable work. This title was officially bestowed on her by Pope Francis at her canonization ceremony in St. Peter’s Square.”We may have some difficulty in calling her ‘Saint’ Teresa,” the pontiff said. “Her holiness is so near us, so tender and so fruitful that we continue to spontaneously


    Kolkata : The City of Joy, where the Mother had dedicated five decades of her 87 years to healing the poorest of the poor, observed low-key celebrations over her canonization.

  • Mother Teresa: Honouring the one who didn’t seek it

    Indians appear to revere Mother Teresa for all the good work she did. But the Missionaries of Charity founder herself refused to be called a social worker. The scramble to honour her (especially by visiting Rome for the canonisation) could, therefore, be inspired by an element of self-interest. Indians love foreign travel and global attention but the BJP isn’t alone in nursing political reservations about the ethnic Albanian nun who will become

  • Maharashtra church to be renamed after ‘Saint Mother Teresa’

    Palghar (Maharashtra): When the world celebrates the proclamation of Mother Teresa as a ‘Saint’ on Sunday, September 4, by Pope Francis in the Vatican, a church in Maharashtra will also have its own memorable celebrations.

  • Mother Teresa’s birth anniversary celebrated

    Kolkata: Days before she is declared a saint by the Vatican, special masses and prayers marked Mother Teresa’s 106th birth anniversary celebrations here on Friday.