Free Press Journal
  • Supplements: The truths and myths

    ‘Supplements’ the term in itself opens different pages of the same book. Herbal supplements or health supplements both are trying their level best to help give you a better lifestyle. Disha Prashant takes you into the truths and myths about supplements

  • Entering the world of online counselling

    Decoding what goes on within the human mind is not everyone’s cup of tea, especially when it is suffering from anxiety, depression and other mental issues. Disha Prashant takes you in a parallel world of online counselling, which is striving towards changing the face of counselling psychology in the world

  • Pay And Be My Guest

    Who says staying alone isn’t fun? The best part about staying as a PG is you explore yourself by gifting yourself varied friends in the form of partners. DISHA PRASHANT collects nuggets on few amazing tales of people who have tasted the bitter sweet taste of being a paid guest. (more…)

  • shop till you drop

    Retail Therapy works and how! DISHA PRASHANT says shopping has become the new found language of love in Mumbai. (more…)

  • Family Relations Communication

    Teen years are full of friction between almost-grown children heading towards adulthood and worrying parents. However, with the perfect blend of communication and hearty bonding these relationships can travel a long way says Disha Prashant. (more…)

  • What’s your score? When peer pressure complicates students’ lives

    Great minds have said  that why fit in when you were born  to stand  out. A slight dose of this motivational quote is what students  today require utmost in  their life.  With peers acting as spies it is important to deal with them positively says DISHA PRASHANT. (more…)