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  • ‘Current laws inadequate to check abuse of money in polls’

     New Delhi : Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) O P Rawat said Saturday the present set of laws are “inadequate” to tackle the menace of black money in elections, and noted that Cambridge Analytica like “machinations” of data theft, data harvesting and fake news pose a potent threat to the electoral process in the country.

  • ‘Secret FB deals gave firms special user data access’

    Some of the pacts, known internally as “whitelists,” allowed certain companies to access more information about a user’s Facebook friends, people familiar with the matter said, as per Wall Street Journal report

  • Facebook gave firms broad  access to data on users, friends: New York Times

    Washington : Facebook has formed data-sharing partnerships with 60 device makers, including Apple and Microsoft, giving them access to information of users and even their friends, a media report has claimed, weeks after the social media faced massive backlash for improperly sharing personal data of up to 87 million people.

  • Cambridge Analytica ran voter suppression campaigns: Whistleblower Christopher Wylie

    Washington: Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Christopher Wylie has said that the company engaged in efforts to discourage or suppress voting from targeted sections of the American population, a media report said on Thursday. Wylie, a former Cambridge Analytica employee who blew the whistle on its alleged misuse of Facebook users’ data, did not provide specific evidence of voter suppression campaigns taking place in the US, CNN reported.

  • Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to meet European parliament over data breach

    London : Social media networking site Facebook confirms meeting with European parliament to discuss the growing online data-privacy concerns. As reported by the New York Times, the meeting is scheduled to take place sometime next week where Facebook founder-CEO Mark Zuckerberg will discuss the issue of the data breach by data analytics company Cambridge Analytica.

  • Facebook accused of connecting ISIS friends

     London : Facebook has been accused of putting thousands of Islamic State (ISIS) supporters in contact with one another via the social networking giant’s “suggested friends” tool, according to a media report.

  • Facebook data-sharing scandal: Cambridge Analytica shutting down

    London: Cambridge Analytica, the political consultancy firm at the centre of the Facebook data-sharing scandal, is shutting down, media reported. The firm was accused of improperly obtaining personal information on behalf of political clients. According to Facebook, data of up to 87 million of its users was harvested by a quiz app and then passed on to the political consultancy.

  • Not just Facebook, Twitter also sold data to Cambridge Analytica researcher: Report

    London: After the massive Facebook data scandal, it has now come to notice that Twitter had also sold users’ data to a Cambridge Analytica researcher who collected the data of nearly 87 million Facebook users without their knowledge and permission, The Sunday Telegraph reported. According to the report, Twitter sold public data access “for one day” in 2015 to Aleksandr Kogan, then a psychology researcher with University

  • Cambridge Analytica response on data breach ‘cryptic and evasive’, finds govt

    New Delhi : In its bid to understand the dimensions of Facebook data breach, the Indian government had sought clarifications from Cambridge Analytica (CA), but the response it received was “unsatisfactory, cryptic and evasive”, according to sources. The government has sought further clarifications from CA by May 10.

  • Scientist in FB data scandal says being scapegoated

    London : The academic behind the app that allowed consulting firm Cambridge Analytica to farm the data of some 87 million Facebook users said today he was being scapegoated while the social network was being “mined left and right by thousands” of companies.

  • Facebook clarifies how it collects data when you’re logged out

    San Francisco: After Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified in front of the US Congress last week, the company on Tuesday tried to clarify on questions how it collects data when people are not directly using the website or app.

  • Facebook Data Breach: Mark Zuckerberg defends certain type of censorship to remove terrorist propaganda

    Washington: Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg today defended certain kind of censorship to remove terrorist propaganda after a US lawmaker expressed concern over the social media giant’s “pervasive pattern of bias and political censorship.” Top Republican Senator Ted Cruz cited the 2016 controversy over how Facebook editors handled conservative-leaning political news in the trending topics feature.

  • Data breach hit over 5.6 lakh Indian users, 87 mn worldwide: FB

    New Delhi : Private data of over 5.6 lakh Indian Facebook users was compromised by a private marketing firm that later sold the personal details acquired through a quiz app to Cambridge Analytica, a UK-based company at the centre of a global privacy breach storm.