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  • New video emerges of Aleppo boy whose picture went viral, shocking revelations made

    The picture of this little boy’s blooded face had knocked the conscience of many around the world. They will be happy to know that the six-year-old Omran Daqneesh is safe and doing well. Some latest pictures Omran have emerged on social media that show him with his family in a new home in Aleppo, Syria.

  • Suicide bomber kills 29 near Syria town taken from IS

    Beirut: A suicide bomber killed 29 people today, most of them rebels near the Syrian town of Al-Bab, which they had taken from the Islamic State group just hours earlier, a monitor said.

  • Syrian ‘Twitter girl’ pens a letter to Trump

    Istanbul: Bana Alabed, the seven-year-old girl whose tweets from Aleppo gave devasting insights into the Syrian war, has pleaded with new US President Donald Trump to “do something for the children in Syria” in an open letter, the media reported.

  • Russia starts scaling down Syria military deployment

    Moscow : Russia’s military said it has begun scaling down its deployment to Syria, with Moscow’s sole aircraft carrier set to be the first to quit the conflict zone, reports AFP.

  • Ronaldo’s message for Syrian kids

    Lisbon: Portuguese football star Cristiano Ronaldo, a Save the Children ambassador, said Syrian children affected by the war were “real heroes” and called for them not to lose hope. “Hello, this is for children of Syria. We know that you have been suffering a lot. I am a very famous player, but you are the true heroes, don’t lose your hope,” he said in a video message posted on social media network

  • Hails Aleppo recapture, moves to expand Syria presence

    Moscow : Russian President Vladimir Putin said the recapture of the devastated city of Aleppo by Syrian regime forces was a “very important” step towards stabilising the war-torn country, reports AFP. “The liberation of Aleppo from radical elements is a very important part of the normalisation in Syria, and I hope, for the region overall,” Putin told defence minister Sergei Shoigu in a meeting, the Kremlin said.

  • 4,000 rebels leave Aleppo in ‘last stages’ of evacuation

    Aleppo : More than 4,000 fighters left rebel-held areas of Aleppo, said the Red Cross on Thursday, in the “last stages” of an evacuation clearing the way for Syria’s army to retake the city, reports AFP.

  • Russia, Iran, Turkey agree to widen Syria ceasefire

    Moscow : Russia, Iran and Turkey on Tuesday agreed to guarantee Syria peace talks and backed expanding a ceasefire in the war-torn country, the Russian foreign minister said after talks with counterparts.

  • Thousands leave Aleppo as UN plans new peace talks

    Aleppo: Thousands of traumatised Syrians left the rebel enclave of Aleppo as the UN voted to deploy observers there and said it planned new peace talks in Geneva in February.

  • Buses enter Aleppo for fresh evacuation push

    Aleppo : Dozens of buses began entering the last rebel-held parts of Aleppo on Sunday to resume the evacuation of thousands of increasingly desperate trapped Syrian civilians and rebels, reports AFP.

  • UN Security Council to vote on observers

    United Nations : The UN Security Council will vote on a French proposal to send observers to the flashpoint Syrian city of Aleppo to monitor evacuations and report on the protection of civilians, diplomats said.

  • Syrian rebels may cave in to government forces

    There finally seems light at the end of the tunnel for hapless Syrians who have been steeped in civil war conditions for years without succour. The planned evacuation of fighters and civilians in Aleppo arranged between Turkey and Russia may, after an abortive attempt, finally come about. The rebels’ military position has collapsed and they do not look as if they are able to stage a last stand. They may as well save their

  • France accuses Russia of ‘lying’ about Syria

    Brussels : France on Monday accused Russia of constantly lying over its role in Syria, saying it was claiming to battle IS group militants when it was only interested in backing Bashar al-Assad.

  • Thousands fleeing Aleppo as Assad nears victory, says Russia

    Beirut : Russia says nearly 18,000 people have fled eastern Aleppo in the last 24 hours in a “constant stream” as Syrian government forces close in on the last pocket of opposition control in the northern city, reports AP. Russian Defence Ministry spokesman Maj Gen Igor Konashenkov said that Syrian troops have suspended their offensive to allow for the evacuation of civilians, but the activist-run Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says heavy clashes

  • UN votes by strong majority to demand end to Syria carnage

    United Nations: The UN General Assembly today demanded an immediate ceasefire in Syria and urgent aid deliveries in a resolution adopted by a strong majority as Syrian forces launched another assault on Aleppo.

  • Aleppo ‘Twitter girl’ safe after family flees army advance

    Aleppo : A seven-year-old Syrian girl whose Twitter account from Aleppo gained international attention has fled her home amid heavy fighting, but she and her family are safe for now, said her father, reports AFP.

  • Army advances in Aleppo, talks planned on rebel exit

    Aleppo : Syria’s army gained ground in the battle for Aleppo today, as regime ally Russia said it would hold talks with Washington on a total rebel withdrawal from the city.

  • 50,000 flee east Aleppo as govt army advances

    Beirut : More than 50,000 people have fled rebel-held east Aleppo in the last four days as government forces advance, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.