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The ancient Hindu treatise of Sage Bhrigu

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RUBY LILAOWALA speaks of Brahma-Chintan or Divine Meditation, which was practised in ancient India and today only fragments of it are scattered in secret Himalayan ashrams.

In ancient India, there were secret schools (Gurukul) wherein occult knowledge was given by word of mouth. Secrets regarding higher spiritual states of mental exercises (Raj-Yoga) were whispered by the Guru to his chosen Shishya and this knowledge about the Supreme Reality is the greatest treasure anybody can have or experience. The pupil, who desires to have this knowledge, has ultimately to search for this treasure within himself with some guidance from his Guru. It is not sold in the bazaar for all and sundry like in today’s age of “Dhongi-Gurus” who hold spiritual workshops in five-star hotels charging huge amounts.
Our ancient Indian texts enjoin secrecy again. Hence, Gurus revealed only part of the teachings and that too only the elementary doctrines with extreme discretion to trusted pupils. One branch of this knowledge was Brahma-Chintan or Divine Meditation. In ancient India, it was a huge volume but today only fragments of it are scattered in secret Himalayan ashrams.

This volume was composed thousands of years ago by Sage Bhrigu and originally had 12 divisions for subjects like philosophy, yoga, meditation, states of consciousness and life after death. All wisdom in this book was jealously guarded though in Tibet, a few students have studied it. It is a mystic philosophy which has no English translation. Our Rishis and Munis could attain higher states like Samadhi with this knowledge, the premise of which is: He is only the preceptor. He (God) as the universal soul is within us. Whatever befalls is to be calmly accepted as the “will of God” and the aspirant must give up his entire self – body,mind, actions and feelings to the Almighty. This part is not for the ordinary person who is a householder (Grihasthi).
The final goal of Brahma-Chinta is the sacred-trance meant for Yogis, for in that state of Samadhi, man obtains perfect proof that he is the soul.He frees his mind of his surroundings, objects fade away and the outside world seems to disappear.He discovers the soul as a living, real being within himself: it’s peace, bliss and power (called sat-chit and anand) overwhelm him. A single experience of this changes everything and one feels spiritual-rebirth. When one enters into this sacred-trance, a kind of vacuum is created within the mind and God’s blessings fill the vacuum.
How unlike today’s fake swamis and dhongi-babas! Some spiritually inclined people are born great, some achieve greatness and some appoint press-agents !

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