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Elect better politicians who actually care about people and not their own personal gain: Lujendra Ojha


lujendra ojha, TEDx Gateway 2015

This summer, NASA announced the findings of your latest study: the streaks are indeed flowing water on present-day Mars. How significant is that?

These finding will have significant implications for future human astronauts. Water is essential for survival and can be used to make rocket fuel. Instead of bringing water with us, we can just utilize the water that is already on Mars. This will help keep the cost down for launches. Additionally, it may have significant implication for our search for life outside our own planet. Life as we know it requires water so these areas may be more habitable than the rest of the Martian surface.

What was your first reaction when you initially thought that what you were seeing were streaks of water on Mars? 

Very excited…!

What did you the day when those thoughts came to your mind?

I am not sure what you are asking here. If I understand you, you are asking ‘What did you do the day when those thoughts came to your mind?” As any scientist, I worked further to uncover the truth.

If you were to describe yourself, how what would that be?

I am not sure. This is a vague question. In one word: curious.

What have been milestones in your life? What could be your next milestone?

No milestone. It is a journey. I never set up goals. I just go with the flow of life.  I think next milestone may be just finding a job.

Who has influenced you most in your life? Why?

I would not say there was a single person. Lots of heroes. Each unique in their own accord. Mostly scientist and philosophers.

Are you ambitious? If yes, have you chalked out your life? Does planning help?

Yup. In some regards I am ambitious, but in most sense I am not. I have not chalked out my life. I like to go with the flow. I think one needs some plan in their life, but for the most part I make up plans as I go. I hate planning. It is a stress inducing factor in my life. No plans.

While attending the University of Arizona as an undergraduate student, he discovered mysterious, water-like streaks on the slopes of Martian mountains. The discovery led to a published article in Science when Ojha was 21 years old.

How have you tackled setbacks in life? What keeps you going? Have you ever wanted to give it all up and do something else?

I tackle setbacks in life by not giving up. If one door closes, I try to open the next door. The thing that keeps me going is realizing that life is one big cosmic joke, and I cannot take it too seriously.

No. I do not think I have ever wanted to give up. It is one thing to realize that you are facing a dead end and another to stop walking because of the dead end. Trace your steps back, and carve your own way.

India has a multitude of talent. And yet, we are unable to make rapid strides like China. How do we harness talent in India and channelize it?

Elect better politicians who actually care about people and not their own personal gain.

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