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World Food Day Special: Apps every foodie must have on their phone


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Food apps are probably one of the most important apps any foodie can have on their phones. Whether if you love to have thousands of recipes at your fingertips, or the ability to virtually wait in line at a restaurant so that you can come in once your wait time is up, food apps are incredible. Below are some awesome apps that every foodie must have on their phone. From getting free food at restaurants to discovering delicious restaurant recommendations from your favorite top chefs, you’ll find the perfect app that’s just waiting to help you dominate your next dining experience


Zomato needs no introduction. If you’re a serious foodie, you probably already have the app installed on your phone. It is almost matchless in its scale with over one million dining options in an uncountable list of global locations including your own city in India. It lets you find restaurants to go for and order food from. Using Zomato is super easy. All you need to do is just select the restaurant you want to order from, add the items to be ordered, select a payment method, and get your order at your doorstep. With an extensive user base and cross-platform availability, Zomato ranks among the best foodie apps 2017.
Platform: Android and iOS


Foodpanda is one of most popular online food delivery services in India. The reason behind its popularity is its large database of restaurants from big Indian cities and the offers and discounts available. The app allows you to create your profile so that you can save your favorite restaurants and orders for a quick access the next time. You can even customize your orders just like one does in a restaurant. Cash on delivery option is also available within the app.
Platform: Android and iOS


If you love cooking or experimenting with new recipes, then Epicurious is the ultimate choice for you. The app has more than 28K recipes from well-known cookbooks like Gourmet and Bon Appetit, so you can expect lip-smacking and professionally tasted recipes. Epicurious is one of the best free foodie apps for Android and iOS that lets you share your recipes with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, email, and more.
Platform: iOS

Chefs Feed

Chefs Feed app provides you exclusive food videos, stories, and guides created by the world’s top chefs. The app is a great option for travelers as it offers a geolocated map feature and you get an idea about the city’s dining scene. You can even view restaurant hours, get directions, book a table, and more with the help of the app.
Platform: Android and iOS

– Compiled by Ankita Das