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Ways to break tech addiction


Do you immediately check your phone when you’re alone or have a free moment? Do you get distracted easily at work by the web?

Here are few common habits of a tech addict and ways to resolve them

l Skip the morning digital check-in

Waking up to a techie breakfast of checking your email, Facebook or Instagram likes that you scored since midnight isn’t that nourishing. It saps productivity by flooding the mind with a full plate of everything before you’ve had a chance to focus on the bigger picture.

l Ward off Internet interference

Interruptions are a drag, and there are various tools to get them under control. Install a browser extension like StayFocusd and set time limits on visiting certain websites. Or turn off your Wi-Fi  for an hour. Better yet, step away from the computer entirely and grab a notepad.

l Stop always being available 24/7

Technology lets people work and be reached no matter the place or time. With devices in the pocket, work-life fences are down and people are always set to be on. Yet taking breaks is good for the mind.

l Stop web searching for everything

While at work, trust your intuition and surprise yourself with your own talents. People are prone to browsing the web for inspiration, but original work demands digging into a personal set of beliefs and experiences. Even if you fail, you’ll learn a ton.