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Twitter facing challenges: Dorsey urges staff to post positive tweets


New Delhi: With Twitter’s share price dropping more than 41 percent since Jack Dorsey was named the permanent CEO in October last year, the chief executive at an emergency morale-boosting session at the company’s San Francisco headquarters urged the staff to post tweets expressing their commitment to the embattled social networking firm.

According to The Guardian, investors are concerned that audience is no longer growing rapidly for Twitter and Dorsey has made user growth the key metric to watch in his turnaround effort. Twitter, however, claims 320 million users every month, 79 percent of whom are outside the US. Shareholders also compare Twitter’s progress with that of Facebook, which had 1.59 billion global users as of December 2015.

Facebook is a very different business based on a closed, selective network compared with Twitter’s outward-facing publishing platform. The continued pressure on the firm is taking its toll on staff, many of whom are based in Silicon Valley, where talent is highly prized and easily poached. Panic set in on January 24, when news broke that four of the company’s senior executive team were to leave. Twitter’s stock fell more than four percent following the news.