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These apps will help you survive summer



Summer is in full swing, and there are plenty of apps to help you survive and thrive in the heat. We’ve collected the best apps to aid you in your summer adventures rather than take you away from the action.

Weatherzone – Free – Android and iOS

There’s a stack of weather apps out there but for value and functionality the Weatherzone app is difficult to go past. Using Buerau of Meteorology data Weatherzone merges beautiful design with features like 3 hourly temperatures, rain radars, a lightning tracker and over 2000 Australian locations… And that’s just the tip of what this amazing little app can do. For weather buffs there’s also a premium version of the app packed full of all of the extra hectopascal data your heart desires.

Suppertime – Free – Android and iOS

 Ice-cream is the ultimate summer (and any other season for that matter) dessert. There’s a stack of restaurant delivery apps like Menulog that will let you search for restaurants nearby that will deliver ice-cream right to your front door. If you, for some reason, feel funny about having nothing but ice-cream for dinner you can also order food from some of the city’s finest restaurants as well.

Waterlogged – Free – iOS

Staying hydrated can literally be the difference between life and death. Surprisingly though, most of us don’t drink enough water at the best of times, let alone when we are out in the heat. That’s where Waterlogged comes in. This is the ultimate way to keep track of your water intake and make sure you are hyper-hydrated. The app lets you snap pics of your own water containers to help measure your consumption as well as providing reminders and charts telling you how much water you need each day.

SunSmart – Free – Android and iOS

Released by the Victorian Cancer Council the SunSmart app helps you slip, slop and slap and stay safe from the harmful effects of over-exposure to the sun. The app lets you tailor a sunscreening plan, reminders and will give you information on UV levels so you know the best days and times to stay inside. On the flipside the app will also tell you if you are not getting enough sun and need more vitamin D!