Free Press Journal



  • When booking a trip on an online travel agency, book your flight and hotel at the exact same time. You might save hundreds because of obscure travel industry pricing rules. Book them even one minute apart and the savings disappear!
  • Take a photo of your passport page and keep it on your trusty device you never leave home without (just in case)!
  • Scroll through sites and read those reviews before you book. Don’t find out your dream hotel room is less than desirable as soon as you cross the threshold.
  • Instead of haphazardly dodging fellow travelers to clear a path while you’re running through the terminal, get real-time notifications and alerts about any flight status changes to your smartwatch or phone, so you can keep cool and know exactly if you have time to stop for that much needed coffee or snack before boarding the plane.
  • Share your app itinerary with any family members or friends who may be anticipating your arrival. Itinerary sharing instantaneously notifies your selected contacts about the status of your trip and provides immediate alerts regarding unexpected changes. Then they can automatically track your flight departures, arrivals, and delays to stay in the loop from afar without you ever having to lift a finger.
  • Low battery?! Don’t get that sinking feeling when you take your seat, make sure you have a full charge on all your electronics by charging up your mobile devices before leaving for a trip.
  • Long trip or glued to your device? Pack a portable battery back or mobile charger in your carry-on bag so you can keep working (or playing) throughout the flight.
  • Don’t have time to print your boarding pass? No worries, just have it sent to your smartphone or access from the airline’s mobile app to make check-in a breeze (well, depending on those security lines).
  • Download popular translation apps so you can communicate more easily with locals and never be at a loss for words.

– Compiled by Ankita Das