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Smartphone cameras can help detect eye cancer in kids


Smartphone, eyes in Cancer

Washington : Technology has for sure stepped ahead as smartphones can detect eye cancer that almost exclusively affects young children. With the help of this new set of technology, children, who have this aggressive eye cancer, often have a white glow around their pupils when photographed with a flash, the Verge reported. Julie Fitzgerald, mother of a 2-year-old kid Avery whose life was saved with the help of smartphone, said that she just had this gut feeling that something was wrong with her son’s eye as she had seen odd spots in his eyes in photos, and then took her son to the doctor who confirmed the presence of cancer. Fitzgerald added that her son unfortunately lost his eye to the disease but no more than that, but it anyhow saved her son’s life and suggested everyone else to see a doctor if they find anything fishy in pictures as, if retinoblastoma is caught early its curable.