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Smart Home Automation Safety Tips


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Smart home automation technology can offer homeowners peace of mind, convenience and efficiency, making it possible to automate systems and equipment ranging from home security to thermostats. With a smartphone acting as a control center, homeowners can remotely monitor video cameras, lock or unlock doors, turn on lights or automatically shut off the water to their home if a leak is detected

Which features matter most?

There are two general types of home automation options: service provider solutions, which may come with monthly fees, and individual smart products, such as smart TVs and thermostats. Individual devices can be connected by a smart home automation hub, but it is important to select a hub that supports all of the devices that you wish to control.

Smart sensors protect the home

– Smart thermostats can provide alerts if a home loses power or if the temperature in the home falls below or rises above a set threshold.
– Water sensors can detect unwanted water in the home, alerting the owner to potential leaks near washing machines, dishwashers, water heaters and other areas.

Smart security systems

– Smart locks remotely control and monitor home entry.
– Smart light bulbs remotely control or program lights when you are away, in order to make a home appear occupied.
– Smart motion lights and exterior lighting allow for remote programming and monitoring.
– Connected security cameras monitor a home, while connected motion sensors can provide alerts.
– Smart doorbell alerts monitor activity at the front door and allows homeowners to remotely view and/or photograph visitors.
– Smart garage door delivers alerts when the door is left open and allows a homeowner to close it remotely.

Secure your network

– Safety and security features can vary widely by manufacturer and by individual product. Before buying, evaluate each smart device for potential safety and security issues.
– Devices that are hard-wired to the Internet rather than those that rely on a Wi-Fi connection tend to be more secure. If a device is linked through a wireless network, activate all security features to protect against interception of signals and make sure the device issues an alert if it loses the connection.
– Remember that passwords are the first line of defense and be sure to create a strong password for each smart device. Be aware that many devices ship with the same default passwords, or none at all.

Robots that make your home smart

Naeto Botvac

This is a modern vacuum cleaner which works without the supervision of anyone. You just have to set the robot and it will do the cleaning on its own. Amongst the most outstanding features of this home robot vacuum cleaner, is that when its battery is low it returns itself to its charging station. This will save your lot of time while cleaning the surface and this robot can do this job.


If you do a lot of grilling, then you know how important it is to keep the surface of your grill clean, not only for health reasons but also to prevent flare-ups while you’re cooking. Enter the Grillbot, a pricey robot designed to clean your grill so you don’t have to. The Grillbot is a cool-looking gadget equipped with a CPU, three electric motors, three brass wire brushes, and a rechargeable battery. It’s very easy to use and does a good job of cleaning the cooking grate’s surface, but it misses the debris that becomes built up in the cracks.

Jibo Robot

Jibo is claimed to be world’s first social robot that will react with surprising move that will make this robot different from other ordinary robots. Jibo robot can learn quickly from recognizing faces and voice from family members.


This is a watering robot which turns on the water after a set interval. You do not have to hire a gardener since the robot can be set to turn on after sometimes and then turn off when the plants have had enough water.

– Compiled by Ankita Das