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Shut artificial lights of your smartphones to avoid being sick



Washington: A new study has demonstrated that inadequate exposure to natural light during the day and overexposure to artificial light at night can make one sick. Richard Stevens from University of Connecticut asserted that it had become clear that typical lighting was affecting their physiology but lighting could be improved.

Stevens continued that they were learning that better lighting could reduce these physiological effects and by that they meant dimmer and longer wavelengths in the evening and avoiding the bright blue of e-readers, tablets and smart phones. Stevens added that it was a new analysis and synthesis of what they knew up to now on the effect of lighting on our health and there might be a growing evidence that the long-term implications of this have ties to breast cancer, obesity, diabetes, and depression, and possibly other cancers.

As smartphones and tablets become more commonplace, Stevens recommends a general awareness of how the type of light emitted from these devices affects their biology. The study is published in the British journal Philosophical.