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Redirect your kids to the Pink Whale Challenge


The Blue Whale Challenge, as it is called on social media, has already been flagged by companies and governments, but this was the first instance of the challenge having spread to India. However, the Blue Whale Challenge is neither new, nor the first. In fact, it has been known by other names

Other names

If you’re watching your child’s online activities, look out for keywords like “F57” or “F58”, “Quiet House”, “The Silent House”, “Wake me up at 4:20am”, The Sea of Whales and of course, Blue Whale Challenge. All of these could appear in hash tagged form as well. All of these seem to refer to various tasks within the game. For instance, players near the end of the 50-day term, users are directed to wake up at 4:20am every day and perform certain activities. The goal presumably is to deprive them of sleep, and hence deter proper brain activity.

Pink Whale Challenge

The game is the polar opposite of the Blue Whale Challenge, and doesn’t need users to interact with anyone. It spans over a week, but gives users tasks designed to make them happy and believe in themselves. The game has become a phenomenon already, with overloaded servers from the many users who have joined. It is nothing vice like the Blue Whale Challenge that intends to kill innocent teenagers. The sole aim of this game is to spread love and happiness and counter the damage done by the online suicide game. It is also known by the name ‘Baleia Rosa’ game. It was created in Brazil in April and in no time, it became immensely popular. It has more than 300,000 followers on Facebook and 45,000 on Instagram. Even the subscription list is overloaded. If you’ll go to their homepage and try to register yourself for the game, it will say, “Sorry, the game is currently oversubscribed. Your email address has not been added.”

How Pink Whale Challenge is played?

Just like the Blue Whale Challenge, the Pink Whale Challenge also involves a series of 50 challenges, the difference being that the tasks are loaded with ‘love’. While the Blue Whale Challenge inspired people to inflict self-harm and suicide, Baleia Rosa promoted positivity, love and spirit to save lives.  One of its tasks is to write ‘how much you love someone’ using a marker on your hand, while Blue Whale Challenge involved carving blue whale using a blade. Apologize to someone, forgive someone, unblock a friend on social media, shout I Love Myself on the middle of a street, tell your parents how much you love them, etc. These are mere few segments of the 50 tasks in Pink Whale Challenge.  While in the Blue Whale Challenge, the ultimate task was to kill yourself, in Pink Whale Challenge, you have to help someone or donate to an organisation in the end. You can download ‘The Pink Whale’ easily on your Android and iOS for free.