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Portable projectors for movies on the go


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Till date we always connected the word “projector” with a big device that is hardly portable and unaffordable by the general audience. Thanks to technology, projectors are not confined to that particular design anymore. Modern projectors are portable and affordable for daily use. So whether it’s a camping trip or a vacation, you can now enjoy your favorite movies on the big screen no matter where you go. Here are 12 such examples you might want to have a look at!

ZTE Spro2 Mini Portable Projector

From backyard movie nights to conference room presentations, the ZTE Spro 2 is truly portable and connected. While it’s compact in design, it can project images up to 10 feet in size. It also features a 5? LCD touchscreen with projector controls. You will also get web access, email, and the ability to download video apps from the Google Play store. Discover multiple ways to view and access your content via HDMI/USB ports or microSD-perfect when you’re traveling or out of the office.

Touchjet POND Projector

Accompanied by an interactive stylus, this is a compact and wireless pico projector. Powered by Android, the POND Projector is able to make any app accessible and tangible with a massive 80-inch projection onto a wall, table, or other surface while the multi-touch technology enables four users at once. The stylus gives you incredible accuracy with the projected touchscreen while the included Airmouse can also be used as a gesture mouse.

Sony HD Pico Mobile Projector

Get HD quality movies anywhere you go with the Sony HD Pico Mobile Projector. This handheld projector certainly doesn’t act like a typical projector. It delivers rich, accurate colors with high contrast from a laser light source. Displaying a screen of up to 120 inches, the HD Pico Mobile Projector can connect to your laptop, mobile devices or gaming consoles with Wi-Fi and HDMI capabilities.

iCODIS CB-100 Pico Projector

Carry your very own personal cinema right in your pocket with the iCODIS CB-100 PicoProjector. Weighing just 270 grams and measuring less than three inches across, this is the ultimate portable projector. The CB-100 Pico Projector runs on Android with 1G of RAM and 8G of ROM as well as an A7 Dual Core 1.0Ghz GPU. The projector also has an easily charged 4000 mAh battery so you can enjoy 90 minutes of playtime with a single charge.

Z4 Aurora Projector by XGIMI

Introducing the Z4 Aurora Projector by XGIMI, a super smart, gesture controlled projector for anywhere. This incredible device is able to turn virtually any surface into a whopping 300-inch screen complete with stunning clarity and bright images. The Z4 Aurora Projector has a Harman Kardon speaker built right in to deliver rich sound to accompany the images. Best of all, you can even download apps and games to stream wirelessly.

RIF6 CUBE Pico Projector

Always have a display system ready with the RIF6 CUBE Pico Projector. At just 2 inches, this projector can turn any surface into your very own display and entertainment center. Great for at home, in your dorm, a hotel, the office, or even in the classroom, the RIF6 CUBE is equipped with its own battery, speaker, and a built in SD card reader. Despite the small and compact exterior, the RIF6 CUBE packs in a long lasting LED light source of 50 lumens with a 20,000-hour lifetime as well as the latest optical lens technology to deliver a display up to 120 inches.

– Compiled by Ankita Das

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