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Meet your robotic dining companion – OBI


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Obi is a robot designed to help disabled people feed themselves with less assistance. Created by the robotics firm Desin, Obi features four separate bowls for food and a robotic arm with a spoon that can learn the delivery location after being shown once by a caregiver. Obi has portion control settings, interchangeable spoons (both the spoons and the bowls are dishwasher- and microwave-safe), and a spill-proof surface for easy clean up.

The robotic arm is highly agile; it can scrape the sides of bowls and adjust itself depending on the type and amount of food it picks up, as well as detect collisions. Technologies don’t come more potentially transformative than Obi, a robotic arm that allows people with physical disabilities to feed themselves, restoring in the process a sense of dignity that might otherwise risk being lost. Obi resembles a stylish kitchen appliance, and boasts a simple two-button interface — with one button selecting which food to pick up, and the other controlling a spoon that dips into the food and then moves in a fluid motion to the operator’s mouth.

– Compiled by Ankita Das